Sunday, September 20, 2009

Am I 4 now???

We had Grace's 3rd and final birthday party yesterday. And folks, it was magical.... seriously, it was. If any reader, should have the need for a birthday party, this is the place to have one. (young or old... the duo of Chris and Chris were brainstorming on ways to have their own parties there, I think) Harpeth School of Gymnastics (ahem. Josh Webster. ahem.) does the most magnificent parties for kids. Grace has not stopped talking about it, nor ceased to ask if we can go back "tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow..." since we left.
For some reason these pictures set up in backwards order here, but we'll go with it. I want you to notice the "real nastics shirt" that Grace has on in the first picture. She hasn't taken the thing off since yesterday. I am fairly certain that she will lobby to wear it to school on Tuesday. Too bad we opened it at the end of the party. Until then, she was very staunchly opposed to wearing ANYTHING but her birthday dress to the party, and any suggestions to the contrary were just silly. So, she did flips, swung on the rope swing, did the bars etc. all while trying to maneuver around the long hem of the dress... Hey, but that's what she wanted.
Pure Joy...
"Yes, I am the most awesome birthday girl, with the most awesome bottom in the world."
Here are most of the little kiddo's waiting for instruction on the first obstacle course. I think they all had a great time. I overheard sweet little Elizabeth say to her dad: "This is the best burfday party I've ever been too." But, everything she says melts my heart because of her cute little way of saying the 'r' sounds in her words and her sweet tiny little voice. But seriously, I agree. It was so much fun, I think I had as much fun as the kids did.
Grace didn't really understand the concept of: sit on the parachute so the air doesn't rush out, hence the gaping hole... or maybe she was too excited about the tent and just let go, whatever the case, she loved it.
Grace calls this long street of trampoline goodness the 'jumpy jump' and wishes for one at her own house.
Thank you to all our friends for coming... It wouldn't have been the same without you! And thank you to the Websters, who have such a gift in working with children, it's incredible.

Oh, and to explain the title of the post: Since it had been a week and a half since her actual birthday, she was convinced that this party meant that she was 4. "No sister, thankfully a year doesn't go by that fast! You are still 3."

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Chelle said...

Glad it was so wonderful! Sorry we missed it!