Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Laurel Brooke easter egg hunt! Grace was thrilled, and picked out her own 'easter egg dress.' to wear. Here are some pictures:

I just thought this face was so funny. Cute little Harps.

Pickin' up eggs

Swinging with Grandaddy

Friday, March 27, 2009

3 months

Today is Harper's 3 month birthday! Well, if I am particularly honest, I THINK it's 3 months today... 99% sure. Any-hoo... here are some pictures and her 3rd month in review: This month Harps took her first trip to the beach, Sanibel with Izze and Papa... she was a dream the whole time! She is 'talking' and cooing more and more every day. She is very smiley and has given us a few 'giggles' here and there, which is so adorable.
A good sleeper is an understatement. She is the model baby, sleeps 7 hours at night, wakes up and eats, then sleeps 3 or 4 more... before waking up to start her day. She definitely fits in with all the lovers of sleep in this family!

She cries if she's hungry or has a pain, but is overall very content and happy. (how many times can I say that). This week she has been doing really well going down in her bed for a nap at the same time as Grace does... This is wonderful, because I get a small window of time that is baby-free! I am just amazed when I look at her sometimes, she is just so good! If all babies were like her, I think I may have 20 more (Ok...maybe 2 or 3 more at least...).

Her breathing issues seem to have cleared up. She's no longer turning blue, or pausing her breathing to eat... she did just grow out of it! Yea! She still spits up quite a bit, but the reflux doesn't seem to bother her. She's a "happy spitter!"

One of her trade-marks is that she loves to snuggle. If you put her on your shoulder, she just buries her face in and snuggles it all around.

Here are a few pictures of her with her elephant. I've included one below of her at 12 days so you can see how much she's grown. I don't have her actual 'stats' because we haven't been to the doctor recently... we go again at 4 months. She's fitting into her 0-3 month clothes now, and newborn diapers are a perfect fit... (unless you don't strap them on tight enough, and then poop just runs out the side... yes, this was my morning... ) I am going to use up what we have of the NB diapers and then go to size 1... again, they hold more... and that's a plus!

Harper with the elephant at 12 days old!

PS: See that adorable burp cloth in the background with Harper's name on it? Well, I am dying to know who gave it to me?! If anyone has any clues, please leave a comment or email me... I know it was someone at CPA, but I would love to write you a thank you note! I absolutely love them (it came with another one, equally adorable!!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Girl Update

Grace is officially in her big girl bed! I am finishing up the room, so more pictures to come...but she is doing so well! Here are a few pictures of her in her 'big girl' dress... it's got Tad the seahorse on it from Nemo, of course... courtesy of Izze. She picked this up for her on the way home from the beach, and it is adorable. Grace loves it.
Surprisingly, she had relatively no qualms about giving her beloved baby bed to Harper. I thought this may be a big deal, but Chris got her a set of tools and she 'helped' her take apart the crib and move it into Harper's room, and then they put together her new bed frame. The moment her new bed was finished, she wanted to sit in it and read books, she didn't want to come down from her room to hang with us. She slept great that night, and for all her naps since! I am so proud!

Now, to tackle the potty training... She is so stubborn and strong willed that she won't do anything I want her to do...No amount of bribery has worked, she doesn't even want candy corn, m&m's, or new toys! I've resorted to telling her that it's cool to pee your pants and that having poop in all your crevices is awesome, and that I'd rather her not use the potty.... Reverse psychology... we'll see if that works... It will probably come back to bite me in the tail.... but I am not sure what else to do. Maybe we'll just let the issue die for a month or so and then revisit it later.

I'll give you a wink!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A brand new woman!

Let me introduce you to Grace, the brand new woman. Today she turned over a brand new leaf. The day started as the days do here, with a walk on the beach in the stroller. After chasing a few birds, she wanted to get out of the stroller and run after the birds herself... Ummm.... What? Is this really happening...? So she did... and she ran on the beach in the sand... and she pushed Harper in the stroller, and she ran some more...We had to run back to the house to get some shaving cream (aka. sun-screen) because we hadn't put any on her, as she is always in the shade of the stroller...

Grace and I came back out to the beach and she was so happy! She ran into the waves, let the water splash on her legs, got sand all over her feet, and was happy as a clam! I was in shock and awe and was trying to take as many pictures as possible, until she started running head first in to the waves. I had to throw everything down and run after her so she didn't face plant into the salt water. After her nap, we went out to the beach again with Izze, Papa, Tack, Condo and Harps... She and Papa went out into the ocean, and built sand castles, and chased a few more birds. Grace learned to make a drip castle, which I remember making when I was little. Something happened last night and I am not sure what it was, but I'm glad! It is funny, but I am so much happier and able to relax now that she is having fun. It's crazy how her mood tends to effect (or is it affect?) me sometimes.

Pushing Harper in the stroller

New ruby red slippers....maybe they contributed to the new improved woman... we have a brown pair too....(less than 5 dollars at the crocs outlet :)

Papa helping her build a sand castle.

And Harper is still happy....good baby...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I can't get the computer to upload pictures right now for some reason, so that will have to wait...but I thought I'd give a little update. Grace is doing better now that she's got a few doses of medicine under her belt. I've got a few little stories that I don't want to forget...

The other night Grace and I took a special trip over the bridge to get her medicine and some ice cream for dessert. If she ate all her dinner, she was allowed to have an ice cream cone with sprinkles afterwards... Relatively, her behavior was improving and she was being really sweet, and she ate a few bites of everything on her plate. (Which is what I call a good dinner for her). Anyways, that night she wanted to get in her big girl bed at about 7pm and read books, do stickers, color etc. We had been in there playing nicely for a while and I said: "Grace, are you ready for your ice cream..." She gave me a funny glance and smiled and said "YUP."

A few bites into the ice cream she looked at me and said: "Mom, you said I eat ALL my dinner and I get ice cream. I didn't eat ALL my dinner and I still get ice cream..." (said with a little smirk)

B-U-S-T-E-D..... I fumbled around trying to tell her that I was proud of her behavior and that she ate a few bites of everything on her plate, and that's why we were getting special ice cream...I guess I need to watch how I phrase things from now on..... Oops.

Ok, one more quick one, I promise... this post is mainly for my own memory...

Yesterday we were walking on the beach, trying to feed the seagulls some cheerios. (Pictures to come) We found a lone seagull sleeping on the beach. He was thrilled with our efforts to feed him. It was rather windy and I was trying to fix grace's pony tail so her hair wouldn't blow in her face. The bright yellow pony tail holder that Grace had picked out special that day... flew out of my hand and the darn seagull picked it up in it's beak, thinking it was food!

Grace was mortified and thought that the bird intentionally stole her 'pony' and screamed: "Noooooo mmmmmyyyyyy PONY!!!!" as if someone had just stolen her most precious possession. Her feelings were totally hurt that the seagull had done such a thing! Needless to say he got no more cheerios, and I ran down the beach to retrieve the stupid thing from the ocean.

Maybe I can get the computer to upload picts later...we'll see.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what we saw... ???

The space shuttle launch! Without even knowing it, we happen to walk on the beach about the time it was set to take off. We were about to walk back in and I noticed this in the sky...I actually thought it was some kind of flare or fire cracker...(I'm an idiot...) but David... who may have gotten the brains in the family said: "No, that's the space ship!" about that time we saw the white booster things fall away and the engines flare up... it was really neat. Never thought in a million years that I would actually witness the space ship taking off.... It wasn't but a few minutes and it was gone, already in space... that's crazy to me.

Here is Harper... the happy one in the family..... She has been sleeping great... all night long...happy unless she's hungry, and then that's a quick fix... I think she likes the beach!

This picture pretty much sums up grace's attitude the last 24 hours or so.. Very whiny and annoying! (Sorry, I'm just a realist...) Nothing satisfies her, she makes a choice and doesn't want it one second later, she screams and cries when it's time for bath, and won't get in the pool. I called the doctor and asked for an antibiotic just in case she has another ear infection or something. She's been in an overall sour mood for sure. It's really trying on my nerves. She even had the most fun 'chasing' birds on the beach this morning (Actually, she in the stroller, me running towards the birds until they flew away, she squealing with delight) and then when we got back to the house, she said that she didn't like it and didn't have fun... Can we say bipolar? I am not sure what to do... even if we took her to Disney world right now, the happiest place on earth...even if she loved it, she would frown and say she didn't. I think that she may be exhibiting early teen behavior. Doesn't this sound just like a 14 year old girl? Disgruntled, tries not to smile and have fun around her family, and an overall sour attitude? Lordy, I hope she gets over this before she actually turns 14. Maybe pink bubble gum medicine will help?!! I hope...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sanibel Island!

We made it to Sanibel after 12 or more hours of driving! 1/2 of which was in the pouring rain and dark! Grace and Harper were champion kids. Mom and I decided that it would have been more annoying to ride with teenagers than it was to ride with them. Neither really cried, and they were good as gold. We left at 2 in the morning, and as Chris woke Grace up to say bye and put her in the car, she goes: "Daddy, am I still sleeping?" So funny.
Here are a few pictures from our first day:

Papa and Grace playing on the porch

Getting used to the pool again this year...

Harper has had a mystery rash on her face for about a week....but she's happy at the beach!

Grace isn't really a fan of the sandy beach... she is very sensitive about stuff on her feet, but when we got here she walked relatively far by herself... Usually someone has to carry her... She even mustered up enough gumption to chase a seagull...

On another note: Grace is also learning to sleep in a big girl bed this week, in anticipation of getting her own big girl bed when we get home! Last night she did OK, she woke up several times, and really liked that I was in the room with her so she could strike up a conversation... She wanted me to come get in bed with her... but so as not to start a bad habit, I am not laying down with her until she goes to sleep. It's really tempting because she is just so snuggly...but I just don't want another battle to fight at home. As I type she is napping peacefully, sang to herself before she went to sleep and didn't need me to lay with her! YAY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Borbin Song

Here is the infamous Borbin Song. Grace made up this song a month or so ago and has finally sung it to Borbin... On his birthday none the less.... I think she was saving it for then. Here are the words:

"Borbs, you are the cutest Borbs I ever sawed..." Usually she shakes her hair and gets really into it when she sings... Here she is a little more timid, but at least we got it on film. I think she's got a future in the song writing business... don't you?

And here's a little picture of Harps for good measure... She's really cute and smiley these days... She's got a lot of looks that she gives...and this is a little mischevious one!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jesus gave me a dime

This morning I went on a walk in this gorgeous weather, by myself! If that wasn't good enough, I found a dime! I love finding money on the ground. Even if it is just a penny, it's like a little gift that I wasn't expecting and don't deserve, and I love it! This morning as I was walking and breathing in the fresh air, dreaming of the beach we will be on in a couple weeks... I looked down (to avoid a pile of dog poop) and there was a shiny dime (don't worry, it wasn't that close to the stinky stuff!) Of course I had to pick it up. As soon as I did, IN GOD WE TRUST popped into my head.

Ummmm.... I don't think I have ever cared or thought about the words printed on money before, but at that moment my mind flooded with thoughts about those words. Isn't it ironic that these words are printed on our MONEY. So many people's motto these days is: In money we trust. The economy is in the toilet and everyone's first thought is 'how can we get more money in the pocket of the consumer, so they will in-turn spend the money and it will stimulate our economy?' It's as if we are trusting in money to save us.

The lack of money can destroy families, communities and individuals. The excess of money can do the same. In the news over the past few months are tragic stories of people committing suicide because they are in over their heads in some kind of money situation. Children die because they are living in poverty and can't afford food, healthcare etc. Just think, robbery, murder, drug trafficking, mugging, car-jacking etc. are likely motivated by money. The number one cause of divorce: money problems. It's crazy, it's sad.

Think of what a different world we would live in if we just looked at our money once in a while. The man who has billions in the bank: he could look at this $1000.00 dollar bill and it would read: IN GOD WE TRUST. If he would just think, yes, it is the LORD who has given me this wealth, and it is in HIM I trust and look to for wisdom in how to spend it.
The single mom with only a few dollars to her name could look at her pennies and they would say: IN GOD WE TRUST. If she would only cling to the promise that YES, God is in control, and it is in HIM she should trust; NOT in these few pennies laying in her hand.

I find it so ironic that there is a message of faith and trust on every piece of currency that flows in and out of this country. How different would this country be if we would just read and embrace the words here. Maybe people would seek answers from Jesus, rather than the bank or the broker.

This little dime brought me back to Jesus this morning. I have been consumed with worry lately over bills that never stop, the state of the economy, and the prospect that things may not be getting better any time soon. But today I am remembering that my trust and hope are in the LORD. We trust in God's economy. I've taped the dime on my refrigerator, hopefully to remind me every day that it is not in this little shiny sliver circle that I should trust, but in God.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Plink, Plink, Plop, Plink...

This is the sound of marbles falling out of my ears. Yes, people, I am losing my marbles. It started as a slow leak...and between last night and today, they've started pouring out.

I am not sure if I am tired, hormonal, discouraged, or what... but something is going on in my head and it isn't great. I have no patience with Grace, most days I am just looking forward to naptime when I can have even 20 minutes of quiet. Although, lately they aren't napping at the same time, so I have to take care of some kind of need 24/7.

You all know that sickness of one kind or another has infested our house since before Harper was born, and I almost can't take it anymore. We have medical bills out the you-know-what, the insurance is a pain to deal with, our washing machine exploded, Chris has had 16 hockey games in Feb... among other things.... I feel like if something doesn't change, I will be getting sick and then our household will fall apart. I really think it is hormones, but I am not sure what to do about that either. Nothing I do can 'fix' what is going on here... I am praying about it, seeking God's peace, strength and guidance, and I feel like He's on vacation....Checked out for a little while, and I am just here treading water until He decides to return. I know that's not the case, but that's how I feel. Silence. No matter what I pray or how many verses I read, I am not encouraged and I certainly don't feel any sense that He is giving me strength. Even a few hours away from the kids hasn't done the trick. I am not really sure what to do.

We've had playdates, I've had time with gals in my bible study, Chris and I have had a little time together, we've been out of the house every day, I've had some time with friends...but no matter what i do, I can't feel refreshed. I just want to be refreshed... I just want to take a deep, cleansing breath and feel a weight lifted off my shoulders...No such luck...

So, that's basically it, I just need prayer I guess... well, maybe I just need people to pray for me, because praying for myself is currently not working.... (Gosh, I guess I'm looking at prayer as a quick-fix pill that will take effect in approximately 20-30 min; maybe I am wishing it were that way!)

Well, sorry to be such a downer, but I am not sure I've got enough energy to be happy, funny, or smiley today.... Maybe (hopefully) tomorrow I'll be back to my ole self...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Months!

Is it really possible that Harper is already 2 months old? We had her 2 month check up today and her's her stats: 10 pounds even; 23 inches long! She is in the 75th percentile for height and somewhere between 25th and 50th for weight. (I'll estimate 40th) Definitely a long skinny thing!

She is a great sleeper. On an average night her last feeding will be at 10pm and she'll sleep straight through until 4:30 or 5am. (which she has actually been doing since about 6 weeks or so) After a little breakfast, she usually sleeps until 8 or 9. Some nights she wakes up for the darn passy in the middle of the night... but if we give it to her, she's right back to sleep. This is why I am trying to teach her how to suck her fingers, hand, thumb... anything that she can do by herself...I know, I know... dentists and dental hygienists everywhere are shrieking! Hey, a mom's got to sleep, right?

Harper's temperament is great. She is a very happy baby, she usually only cries when she has a need. She smiles a lot, especially in the morning, and loves watching everything Grace does. She's patient with all Grace's kisses, snuggles, 'bonks' and tugs. She's a kind of go with the flow baby for sure. She's started 'talking' to us a little bit and every sound she makes, Grace is convinced that Harps is trying to say her name.

We are still wearing newborn diapers and newborn-3 month clothes... I do put size one diapers on her at night because they hold more and I don't have to get up and change her when I hear an explosion through the monitor... (don't judge... I need sleep!)

She's been to 2 hockey games and made her debut on the jumbo-tron last night. She's not crazy about the LOUD noises (aka. the blaring-fog horn thing) but enjoys all the lights and of course all the attention she gets.

Here are some pictures of her latest skills:
Sitting in the Bumbo.

Tolerating tummy time, with a little help from the boppy.

Drinking out of a bottle! (Yay for me, right!)

Taking in the many, many, many things Grace says to her throughout the day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ummm Dad...?

This morning, Chris took Grace with him to drop off some tickets to a client's office before she went to school. As they were driving up to the office building, Grace says: "Ummm Dad, is there a doctor in there?" "No, there's not a doctor in there, why?" "Cause Daddy, my ear doesn't hurt right now."

Most of the things that come out of her mouth are just so hilarious.

I have to take Harper to the doctor for her 2 month check up this afternoon, so I'll post about that later! And I have some pictures to upload of some of her new skills! She's really changing these days and is starting to do some really 'big girl' things!