Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter dresses... maybe?

Click here if you are interested in seeing the Easter dresses I made... :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chris, Chris and Kris....

You should have seen her face, it was radiant! You should have heard her voice on the phone when she called to tell us she was engaged... it was lovely. There was an excitement, a softness, and a sparkle all around her last night. Amy is lovely. I am so proud of her and so happy that she has found this incredible man in Chris. He adores her, and it is evident. Smitten is an understatement. I love it, it is so refreshing and encouraging to see them together.

I somehow copied this picture from Ellie's facebook page... I think she took it with her phone... I don't know! (I hope you don't mind!) It is the only picture I have yet. I love it, look at Amy's face. Isn't it priceless!!!???

I am so excited! I will have a new brother named Chris! Yes, so this means that obviously, I married a Chris, my brother married a girl named Kristin... and Amy is marrying another Chris.... Wow, this may get confusing! For some reason, I think it is so funny!

Ames, we are so excited for you and can't wait for you guys to be married! Congratulations!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sanibel in pictures

Enjoying the beach together

The new 'life coat' that helps Grace swim!

Happy baby

Iz and Gracie

Building a sandcastle

Happy Harper in the water

sandy face

Riding a killer whale

This seemed to be the pose of the week

At the famous Mucky Duck... we've been going there since I was Grace's age

Peek a boo!

Papa helping Grace swim

This is what dad did most of the time... paddled around and fished. I think this was the best fishing he's ever had in FL.... said he was catching 30-40 inch fish!

Love this face. Harper was in HEAVEN in the water.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The attack of the seagull

** Sadly, I can't upload any pictures while we are here... I don't have my computer, and the thingy I brought that was supposed to attach to mom's computer for the purpose of downloading pictures isn't working... BUMMER. I'm sad that Chris can't see any pictures of these things while we are here... Oh well... I'll upload when I get home.**

Harper is part fish. When we first got here, she literally ran toward the ocean, and tried with all her might to dive in head first. Keep in mind that she was still in her clothes because we hadn't gotten the key for the place yet. It was hilarious. Seeing this, I think, gave Grace courage. She too, put her feet in and let the water splash on her. Harper walked in the sand with no problem, and Grace would do it also. Harper would pick up a shell, and Grace would do the same. It is funny that the younger one is giving the older one courage. I never expected that to happen. It's been great.

Last year, Grace had a hard time doing anything. She still has sensory issues with her feet and hated the sand. She is scared of pretty much everything, and she doesn't like trying new things... but this year, Harper's willingness to do any and everything has really influenced her.

So, back to the assault. Yesterday we were playing on the beach and Grace was feeding the seagulls some cheerios. All was well, and then the birds got a little too close for comfort and I shooed them away. Meanwhile, Iz was holding Harper who was enjoying a lovely wheat saltine for snack..... UNTIL a darn bird ATTACKED her and took the cracker right out of her hand!!! I am not kidding. Izze quickly covered Harper's face so her eyes would not get pecked out.... and the bird's talons whacked her in the head. Poor baby cried, but was quickly over it. It was actually pretty funny. I am SO glad this didn't happen to Grace, because honey, our beach days would be O.V.E.R.

We got Grace a life jacket (aka "life coat") and I got in the pool with her this afternoon to try it out. She did pretty well. Most of the time she was either clinging to me or the railing near the steps, but hopefully she will gain more confidence in the water with it. (In preparation for swim lessons this summer)

Harper on the other hand can almost swim. She kicks her legs and doggy paddles her arms and heads for the side of the pool. She moves herself along the edges of the pool, hand over hand, hanging onto the edge. She can go under the water and pretty much holds her breath, she LOVES it. NO fear.... which could be kind of scary, but for the moment it is kind of refreshing...a nice change from Grace's temperament. I can't imagine having 2 like Grace; or 2 like Harper, for that matter.

Today it rained a little and we had a cold front, but all should be back in order by tomorrow and the sun should be shining again. All in all, I am really proud of how Grace has done this week. It has been so interesting to see the dynamic between Grace and Harper change... I never thought that the younger would be helping the older one grow in so many ways.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saniblel Part 1

We've had a great time so far. The plane ride was interesting. Grace did wonderful. I was worried because the night before she had a complete meltdown and told me that she did not want to go to the beach because she didn't want to fly on a plane. Now, when I say complete meltdown, I mean HUGE sobs, crocodile tears and drama to the max. I could tell that she was genuinely afraid. So, we called down all the angles, bound the devil in the name of Jesus and prayed for freedom from fear. And, by golly, it worked! She wasn't scared at all, she even laughed when our plane went through a few rough patches and liked it when her tummy 'looped' around.

Harper was pretty good on our first 45 minute flight, due largely in part to the nicest man that I was sitting by. (Who turned out to be the previous head coach of the Alabama basketball team, who now works for ESPN.) Can't remember the name, Chris knows.... but I can not say enough nice things about this man. We were on one of the SMALL connection flights where the seats are 2 to each side and right on top of each other. He got to know Harper, gained her trust, played with her, picked up countless dropped things for us and was overall just the most gracious man. By the end of the flight he was playing peek-a-boo with her and had her cracked up.

The second flight was a little bit different story. Grace was perfect, but before we even got off the ground Harper was screaming that HIGH PITCHED, shrill scream that she does when she is REALLY mad. I heard the stewardess walk by and say under her breath "Lord, let me get that child a cookie, because Lord knows I do not have enough tylenol for that...." Not to mention all the people chattering about us.... It was awesome (ha ha) The truth of the matter is, what can a parent actually do with a very young toddler who is launching everything you are trying to distract her with, and when actually all your attempts are making it worse...? People, give parents a break. Eventually she did calm down, but had another screaming episode before we landed. Oh well, turned out to be just fine.

To be continued: time to put the sunscreen on and head to the beach!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, Sunday....

One kid with diarrhea means no church. Husband had a game, so he went to small group (sunday school) and then off to work... leaving me home with the kids....Soooooo in an attempt to let him know what a wonder woman I am... here's a list of our day, and it's only 1pm.

Kids wake up, change nasty diaper, 2 kids fed and dressed, vacuumed and put away laundry, did 2 loads of dishes, sorted and started 2 more loads of laundry, picked up kids rooms, walked 3 miles, played soccer and catch in the field near our house, cut coupons, made a list, went to grocery with 2 kids in tow, saved $40.00 with said coupons and store sales, spent $100.00 for the weeks groceries, and a few special snacks for the airplane ride to FLA, came home, unloaded groceries, fixed 3 lunches, sat down, ate lunch with the kids, unloaded dishwasher, loaded it up again, cleaned kids up from lunch, changed diaper, put kids to bed.

Can I do this now????

So there. I am wonder woman today.... And it's only 1pm.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another 'First'

As kids get older, I guess their 'firsts' change a little bit. Today Grace had a 'first' that really tugged at my heart. It is the kind of first that all parents dread. She got her feelings devastatingly hurt by a little friend.
We were at the zoo playing with several kids and I was engrossed in conversation with a friend of my own. Anyways, Grace comes over to me with a dejected look on her face. I proceeded to ask her what was wrong and her lip started quivering and she burst into tears. Heaving kind of tears, the kind that make it almost impossible to talk, 'ugly cry' tears. After a few tries she finally got the message across that "{friend} (sob) said (sob) that he (sob) didn't (heave) want me (sob) to help him (sob, sob, sob)..."

This is the first time I have ever seen her react this way. Now, I know that said friend wasn't trying to be malicious or even mean, therefore I was very calm in my response to the situation. "Grace, {friend} likes you and wants to play with you, he just didn't need your help with that's Ok honey..." Then her friend came up to apologize, hug and just like that, it was over... they were playing and running and tackling each other....But it still doesn't change the fact that she was hurt. Her heart was hurt. And that hurt me.

Now, let me just interject here... If someone was actually mean or malicious or hateful to her, I am almost positive that my inhibitions would have gone out the window and that child would have gotten an earful and possibly a foot in the 'ole can... if you know what I mean... The mama bear would come out and that child would probably never be the same.... But, that wasn't the case, thankfully.... (Maybe I need to pray about my response in the future... ??? Or, maybe the bully just needs his/her colon re-adjusted... I don't know...)

Anyways, back to the point... It is a little daunting to know that we'll have to let her go... Let her go to Kindergarten, most likely at a big public school, with kids years older than her attending the same school... Let her go.... to sports practice where inevitably she will miss a goal, or make a mistake in front of people....Let her go {maybe in the DISTANT future} get on a bus that will take her to school... Let her fail, let her make mistakes, let her LEARN and grow....

Ok, I have to stop, because I am fighting the urge to search the internet for a giant bubble in which to insert her so she will not have to feel any of the adversity, injustice and cruelty of the world.
I am reminded of Nov. 08 when we were told that there was something wrong with Harper's heart, but they weren't sure exactly what it was or how it would play out after birth. I remember feeling so much trust and faith in God... but also remember thinking how much easier it was to just purely TRUST...because I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't reach in there and fix it myself. I had no choice but to trust. Why do I feel like I have more control over them when they are out of the womb???

The truth of the matter is that they are still God's... they are still completely loved and protected by Him... I am trying to let that balm cover over my fear.

Look at this little face... Wouldn't you want to maim any kid that hurt her too?