Friday, October 30, 2009

Tinkerbell update

Here' s the plan: Grace has to do chores around the house and she gets paid... when she has enough money to buy the movie for herself, we will go to the store and she can use her own money to buy it. I know, I know it's an allowance, but we haven't started that with her yet, so I thought this would be a good introduction! What I am really excited to see is if she will understand the concept of finding the lowest price so that she can keep more of her money! I can't wait to get all the ads printed out and show her the different prices... Maybe that's a little above her head, but maybe not! We'll see. (I am a D-O-R-K, that's OK)

So, if any of you have any chores around your house that you'd like for Grace to do, she is available.... well, that is, when she finishes the chores at my house!

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Katie said...

If it were any other three year old I would say thriftiness is over her head....but Grace Ann is genetically predisposed to it, so I think she has a good chance of grasping the concept!