Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring Fling Garland Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so hang with me here!!! I love this garland and I love the fact that you can use scraps and things you already have around the house in order to make it!!! I am open for feedback, so either leave a comment or email me at jamie.burton@comcast.net. I have a couple more tutorials in the works, and am going to make it a goal to do one every couple months throughout the year! So check back!

-scrap fabric (can be old clothes, scraps left over from projects, really anything)
-rope, ribbon, hemp string ( I used 6/32" cord filler because it's what I had on hand)
-needle and thread
-good fabric scissors

*Here are the easy steps!!*

Flower Style #1

1. Cut fabric into circles. I cut 2 inch circles (by hand, no template) but any size will work. The bigger the circle you start with, the bigger your flower sphere will be! You can either combine different fabrics when you stack them, use all one pattern or solid color, it all will look cute! I used 20-30 circles to make one flower.

4. Thread 3 or 4 more triangles onto your string as pictured above. At this point, I stopped adding the triangles in a row. Instead, I pushed the needle through the thickness of all the fabric so that I might add triangles to the other sides of the flower. Keep adding petals in various places until you have a spherical shape. *this step is kind of hard to explain, so email me if you are confused! It will probably make more sense as you do it.

Here is a picture of the 'flower number 1' coming together.

Flower Style #2
5. I used THIS tutorial to create the pom pom flowers except I substituted strips of torn fabric (1/4 inch wide). You can also cut the strips, but tearing will always ensure a straight line and will give you a more 'fuzzy' look, which I like. But if you want less 'fuzz' you can surely cut the strips.
Snip the fabric with scissors about every 1/4 inch, and then then tear into strips. The more strips you use, the bigger your flower pom will be. (for the one pictured above I used about 11 strips that were about 12-18 inches in length)

6. Continue making flowers of both kinds with lots of wonderful fabrics until you have enough for the length of garland you wish to make.

7. Time to sew them onto your rope! ( I used what I had on hand, which turned out to be 6/32" filler cord, but you can use a thicker rope, ribbon, hemp, or whatever tickles your fancy)
I threaded the flower onto the needle close to the center, this way it won't flop around once it's sewn onto the rope.
Simply stitch your flowers in place and fluff the petals! Mine are spaced about 5-6 inches apart.

8. Continue stitching on the flowers until you are satisfied with the length of your garland!
9. DONE... Isn't it wonderful and beautiful, and doesn't it make you long for spring????


emily patridge said...

your projects never cease to amaze and inspire me!

Silvia said...

So nice!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Kissies :)

Jessica said...

Love it!! It does make me long for spring!

SewCraftyMeg said...

Such a cute idea! What a great way to use up some of those fabric scraps. Really makes me long for spring too!