Monday, April 21, 2008


I thought this picture fitting, since she is running her mouth and giving me attitude!

I think that I need to record some of the things that grace is saying now, so that when she is 15, we can really embarrass her when her boyfriend comes over... Wait, she won't have a boyfriend at 15, Chris will not allow it... so when she is 30 we can tell the boy all these cute little things that she used to say.
Most of what she says is really clear, so these are just the things that sound a little funny....So here goes:

Snow bubbles- hence the name of the blog...this was what she said the first time she saw snow! Very ingenious... big fluffy flakes floating around... looked just like bubbles...

Labbit- rabbit, we have a family of labbits that live out in our back yard, she loves them

Yo-geet- yogurt, of course

Nana- banana, her favorite food; she often gets confused when her friends call their grandmother's this...

Lowwwer- (pronounced like flower, minus the 'f') flower, or tree, anything coming out of the ground or pot

Loeeey- lotion, who knows where this came from

Nona- one of our hellion cats "Lamekkiona"

Oh dap- Oh Crap, she learned this phrase from her very dear friend

Hoey dap- Holy Crap, learned from said friend

Dolor- I want to color

Nilk- 'milk' and her favorite liquid

Nack- usually said when we are shopping or in the car, meaning I am bored and want to eat a snack

Papa doin?- What's papa doing? Usually meaning, why are they not here with me...?.... she says this for whoever comes to mind... daddy doin, izze doin etc...

LeeLee- Slammy, the all important, we will die if we don't have him, lovey...

Bone- phone

Nanik- naked

Diapee- diaper

Deam- diaper cream
Lipes- wipes

Pingers- fingers

Tatoo- thank you

Tookie pease- meaning, I want to go to the grocery and get a cookie (since that is one of the only places she gets a cookie)

Lap- means, I want to sit in your lap and read a book

1,2,10- Grace's way of counting to 10... (she is just efficient)

Bump- I just slammed my head into something, and I want to let you know, but I am too tough to cry

Teral- cereal

Dip/bite- I really want whatever you are eating/drinking NOW

Burga- veggie burger, what she wants almost every day for lunch

Dis- what she says while pointing at something very interesting that she doesn't know the name of yet

Tacky- that would be her aunt Kristin... long story, but K brought it on herself!

Dodo- what she calls David (trying to say Condo)

Dus- our other hellish cat Gus that is a wee bit mentally challenged

Dips- chips, her favorite are baked tostitos, or flat earth

Pish- fish of any kind usually gold fish
Burdee- bird, bee, any relatively small flying object

Titty- yes, I know, a little racey... but means kitty

Burs- purse, the all important accessory

Lic-tick- lipstick, chapstick, anything of the sort

Boon- baloon

Baw- ball, and the favorite of all toys

All done poop- means, I have just taken a massive dump and I want it changed before it creeps into my crevices... thanks.

Poopey pants- means similar to above

Necken- necklace

Tuuute- either, I want to wear this, it's cute, I am so cute, or buy this for me becuase I think it's cute, or mom, you are such diva and you actually picked out something cute to wear.... and yes, she does say 'no' when she doesn't like what I am wearing...I am in for it...

Lamma- sheep in a book, or her big stuffed lamb that she got from easter

Raffe- giraffe

Epant- elephant

Hold ee or hold uuu- meaning hold me please

Daddy PEASE- if I say please, maybe daddy will come home now

Me do it or no me do it- meaning I do it myself or no, you do it for me

2 doggies- meaning I know I saw more than one doggy, but I can't remember what comes after 2

Opitus- octopus, of course

Menis- (pronounced with a short e sound) medicine, tylenol, or anything that comes out of a dropper

Ornich- orange

Dapes- grapes

Aminal kackers- animal crackers

*I will try to add more "grace-isms" as they present themselves, or as I remember them... kids really do say the funniest things...!


Chelle said...

Hooray! welcome to the world of blogs! Love it, and if you need help, let me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Who is this terrible friend who teaches your child to say things like Holy Crap!? You should totally stay away from people who let their children talk like that.

oh wait....

also your blog is way cuter than mine, thus prompting me once again to ask my husband, "what's the point of being married to a web designer when he won't even pimp your blog!?"