Monday, April 21, 2008

Planting Flowers

getting ready to plant phlox

pouring in the dirt

More dirt please

finishing off the dirt

Watering the phlox

All Done! How pretty!

Grace and Izze gave me some blueberry plants this weekend. I am totally excited about trying to grow blueberries! So we decided to get grace some flowers to plant and take care of also! She picked out these pretty pink and white phlox. So we get started: pulling the wagon around the house with a load of dirt, pete moss, mulch, flowers and Grace of course!
We open the bag of dirt, and if anyone knows grace, they know that she is not really fond of getting her hands, clothes, shoes etc. dirty.... We accidentally spilled some dirt on her shoes and that was almost the end of our planting experience. Finally, after taking off her shirt, she decided to help, and really got into pouring the dirt into the pots.
So now, we have 3 pots of pink and white phlox, and 2 huge pots of blueberry bushes! So we'll see if we can keep them alive and growing!
Thank you Izze for the awesome blueberry bushes!


burtonc1 said...

My favorite picture is the one of Grace posing with the flowers.

pgwheeler said...

This is a great way to keep up with what is going on with you guys.
Grace is darling

izze said...

I'll buy you blueberries any time !! Grace posing with flowers is now my screen saver. Soooo Cute. izze love you (love you best) !

Lynda said...

What sweet pictures of Grace planting her flowers! I loved your blueberry story, too. Thanks for sharing!