Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh Deer...

Oh deer, I realized that I hadn't posted pictures of Grace's finished big girl room and other significant happenings in our lives as of late. First things first, aren't these shirts cute? You can't really read them... but they say "Deer to Daddy's Heart" Perfect for Father's Chris thought it was a little cheesy, but warmed up when he saw these adorable faces staring back at him.
Secondly, doesn't Grace Ann look proud of herself in the picture above? Well, she should be... she POOPED in the potty! Yes, folks, that's right... no pee pee yet, but we've pooped twice in the potty. This picture was taken right before we got in the car to go pick out her first poopy present.... She picked out this big girl dress from her closet, and has on 'farkly' shoes of course....all dolled up for the trip to Target.

And here are the pictures of her big girl room... painted and everything! (probably about 3 months overdue... Oh well) You can't really tell from the pictures, but the walls are a really pale pink-ish beige color. It's from the Ralph Lauren collection, Tea Rose, I think... maybe Gardenia, I can't remember. But it looks pretty good with all that's going on in there.

In the picture above, you can see a snapshot of my mom (Izze) and Ann Burton together. Grace has really been curious about 'daddy's mama' lately and has wanted to know everything about her. She sleeps with this picture in her bed most nights and I can hear her talking to it when she wakes up. So cute. She is trying to think of a name to call Ann... she is still a little confused since she hasn't met her and can't see her in the flesh, but she definitely knows that Ann loved her... today she told me she thinks she'd want to be called "G-G." So we'll see if that sticks.


Rebecca said...

You are such an amazing decorator! I am so impressed.

vergne said...

Her room turned out really cute! You have a knack for decorating. Where did you find the little white table for Grace's room?