Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 months

I can't believe Harper is 5 months today! It's almost been half a year since she was born. It truly feels like last week! As I hold her (and try to blog) she is grabbing both sides of my face with her hands, and breathing softly in my ear. Her breathing is so sweet-sounding! I love it... She is a rolling machine, and tummy time is no longer that... she's rolling everywhere. Sometimes she will stay on her tummy if Grace is laying beside her. If that is the case, Harper just gazes up at Grace like she is the best thing God ever created. Harps really takes in everything Grace does.

She's finally taken to eating. Plain cereal just does nothing for her, but if I mix it with some baby food, she loves it. Over the past week, she's starting 'eating' dinner with us every night. She is still puking like a champ. I kind of thought that would get better when she started eating more solid 'food' but I was wrong. When we start with butternut squash and other brightly colored foods, she is just going to be naked...all the time... I don't want all her clothes ruined.

This little dress was mine when I was a baby. Grace wore it the first time we took her to church... I think she was 12 or 13 days old. I think it's so pretty!

Here she is with her pink elephant. And this is the outfit that she's been in since she was born in her elephant pictures... Still the 0-3 month size... this is the last month she will probably fit into it (in length anyways).

Click Here for her 3 month picture...apparently I haven't posted the 1 and 2 month pic. in this outfit with the elephant... or I can't find them if I did...

Forgive me if this post is scattered and otherwise of poor writing quality. I got up at 5am and did A LOT today; Grace is currently trying to feed me her leftover strawberries, and Harper is crying. Can I go to bed now?

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