Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There is some kind of monster that I am not really fond of called the Purple Toddler Eater that seems to swallow up every little girl ages 2.5-4years old. I don't know what it is that intrigues toddlers about this color, but I swear, it is a real phenomenon. Grace is has been fully swallowed and partly digested by this beast.

All the poor girl wants for her 3rd birthday is purple crocs and a purple dress. I took her to toys-r-us and basically let her have the run of the place, and nothing seemed to intrigue her, except the sight of purple shoes. We've been to Target, same deal. She walked through the toy aisle aimlessly and as I told her to show me some things she might want for her birthday, she looked at me and said in a tone of voice that inadvertently called me dumb: "Mooooommmmm, I want a purple 'ress' and purple shoes for my birfdaaaay.'

So, in order to fulfill my girl's only wish, I have been all over God's green earth and the Internet to find these silly shoes. NO ONE, I mean, NO ONE has her size....(again, here we go again with the monster... only a little girl ages 2-4 years old would wear an 8/9!) Everyone is completely sold out, even crocs.com!

My dad went to Rivergate and scoured every store that sells shoes with no luck. We went to Opry-mills, I've called Hickory Hollow Mall, Green Hills, Cool Springs along with every other shoe store in Nashville and the surrounding area. NO LUCK. I have considered the possibility of spray paint, acrylic paint, applique, and every other type of dye, that may transform a pair of crocs into this hideous color.

Well, today I had a breakthrough. I searched Dillards.com and found one pair of 'grape' crocs in a size 8/9. Ummm, wait for it...... wait for it.... yes, they were over $40 dollars. Can you freaking believe that? I have never paid over $40 dollars for any pair of shoes or clothing item that I own, and I was strongly considering buying these at that ridiculous price. I entered all the necessary information and all I had to do was hit 'place order' and I couldn't do it... I couldn't pull the trigger. I tried with all my might to press that silly button, but everything in me said 'no'! So I closed the page.

I said a little prayer and went to ebay. What do you know, a seller had just posted 2 pair of size 8/9 toddler crocs in 'grape.' The 'buy it now' option was only $14.99. YES...!! the Lord giveth! with shipping these were less than $18.oo and I do not have a permanent twitch from sticker shock! If I am truly honest, I still think $18 is a little high.... but hey, it's her birthday.

So, for her 3rd birthday, Grace will have crocs in the most nauseating shade of purple and all will be well in our world.

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sweet&spicequeen said...

that's so awesome! i too was obsessed with purple at that age.. my parents took a picture of me sitting on a wall by our house with a purple shirt on and purple shorts and holding purple *jellies* in my hand! that's awesome grace knows what she wants for her birthday though and isn't stuck on a ton of toys that would just fall into the mix of things... i love how determined she is and that she knows what she wants.. haha!