Friday, February 26, 2010

Hockey Hoedown

Busy week, but a good week. Hockey hoedown happened on Wednesday night. Actually, I think it was called Hockey Tonk.... but I think my name is better. Anyways, got to wear fun clothes, have good food and drinks and mingle with Nashville's finest.

Please take note of the awesome vintage boots (on both of us) and my favorite dress.... Seriously, I think it was someone's wedding dress back in the day. It is so old that I had a back up in the car, just in case something ripped!

Grace and Harper are well. Just enjoying life. Harper walks 3 or 4 steps alone and quickly remembers that it is much faster to crawl. She intently watches Grace and copies everything she does. Grace is really sweet, and has exhibited so much patience with Harper these days. Harps is really rough and tumble and hits Grace about 20 times a day, instead of retaliating, Grace just leans over and kisses Harper...

Harps has probably 10 or 15 words... uhoh, mama, dada, snow (it kind of saddens me that this is one of her first words, I hate the cold... But I guess it's a tribute to the amount of snow we've had this winter) , bye bye, hi, book, papa, baby, booyah, look, sorry (this is a new word, but as you can imagine, she has to use it frequently), she is starting to say something that sounds similar to 'thank you' at the appropriate times, and that is all I can remember at this point!!!

Kind of a blah post, but just a little update!


Anonymous said...

Great picture, you guys look like an ad for country western and add these words to Harper's list: good job, and again on her list. She said both of those consistently the other night


Katie said...

Booyah is really the only word she needs to know. Saying that over and over again will officially make her the coolest one year old on the planet.