Friday, February 12, 2010

The view from here 2.12.10

This is right outside our balcony. It's beautiful. The people who work here are very nice... the people who stay here are, well, I'll just say... uppity. (is that a word?)

I have to say, I can't remember the last time I was this relaxed.... It's nice. The pool cabana is my favorite thing about this place. You can't even believe how comfortable they are.
Chris had his first massage today. He liked it... I think his exact words were "I could spend all day in this spa thing."

The lady who gave me my massage was, well, a little less than gentle... and I think I may have bruises tomorrow. But maybe she worked out some kinks because I feel surprisingly good right now.

We skyped with the kids last night and tonight. What a great invention! I sound like a grandma right now, but it is awesome. We are first timers, you know. Never skyped before. I love it. Harper is not so sure, she doesn't understand why we won't come out of the computer and gets a little upset, but Grace likes it. I miss them! I like missing them. I guess I haven't been away from them long enough to miss them yet, so it feels good.

Anyways, here's our walk on the beach this morning, it was so windy and the clouds were rolling in, but we got some good sun and it only rained after the sun went down today. Supposed to be clear tomorrow. I am happy!

PS. Update on the bathing suit: The ruffles don't get water logged! Yahoo! I love it, and I saw a girl with a MUCH MUCH more expensive version on today, and I think mine was cuter. I saw her eyeballing it, she was jealous, I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Papa and Iz are having the time of our lives with G & H. They are doing great and I think Grace just said "mama who? !!" haha Harps is a laugh a minute and Grace is dancing around everywhere. Just had a visit with Condo and Tack and JoJo. Lunch out was hilarious ! I don't think Condo and Tack will ever let us keep there kids unsupervised! Love you guys, have FUN.