Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Project



Isn't the black lovely???

Word to the wise... Painting shutters is a real pain in the you know what... But a little tiny foam brush made it so much quicker and easier. I just love how much more clean and fresh the black makes our house look. Now for some flowers and a little more mulch and wa-laaa....!

Ahhhh, starting and finishing a project is like balm to my soul. I love it.


pgwheeler said...

I really like the black. Love the pictures of the girls too. They looked very pretty in their Easter frocks.

Linda Burton said...

Definite improvement, looks great. You did a great job.


Kori said...

Seriously- I think it looks fantastic!

Shannon said...

Looks FABULOUS! We did the same thing at our last house! Love it! And yes, the shutters are such a pain to paint!

Jessica said...

I love the black!! It really does make the house stand out in a new way! So proud of you for doing that!!!