Monday, June 14, 2010


Here we are in the IOP, SC... (as the locals call it) anyways, it is beautiful, lovely and there is no threat of oil!

This is the one thing that Grace loves and Harper is not so sure about... sitting at the shoreline and letting the waves crash on them... They both had a BLAST on the beach yesterday. Loved every minute of it.
Grace even let the ocean waves crash on her and got water all in her face... and liked it!!! Can you believe that??? Maybe it's the fact that Chris is here, she feels really comfortable with him in the water... whatever it is, she loves it!

This is at 3:30am in the morning... when we left Franklin... Look at these smiles!
They were great in the car... no crying, whining, no fits! They each only slept about 30 min or so the entire ride.

I love South Carolina... such a lovely state... more to come later. Just wait till you see what my dad brought home last night.... only Frank. The pictures are on his camera and he and Chris have it with them... they got a fishing guide this morning and are out doing guy things.

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