Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is it a it a 2 year old...What is it?

I am happy to announce that my child has not been inhabited by a demon, nor does she have the plague! The past week or so has been HELL! She has been beyond whiny.... And I HATE whining. Since we are supposed to leave for a quick trip to the beach this afternoon, I thought I'd better take her into the doctor because something was just not quite right....

Well, she does have an ear infection! Praise the Lord. I mean, I am not glad that she is sick or anything, I am just glad that there seems to be a supposed cause to this horrid behavior! So we are now taking pink bubble gum medicine... (which, by the way, takes me back to my childhood. I loved the stuff) and she should be back to normal within several days.

Now to the topic at hand... PRAYER... We will need A LOT of it this weekend. I blogged about the last extended car ride we had with grace, and it wasn't good. We have a 2.5 hour ride tonight and then another 4.5 hours tomorrow. I am armed with benadryl (my kid is sick, right?) and a bunch of DVD's... but when Grace is MAD, she is MAD and there is nothing really that will soothe her. She has been known to cry so much that she pukes. PLEASE PRAY AGAINST THAT! At this point, I am not positive that we'll make it all the way to the beach, but I am trying to be optimistic.

Hopefully we'll make it in one piece and we'll have some cute pictures to show for it... but we'll see. I'll let you know when we get back!

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Chelle said...

Will be praying. And, pray for me, Zoe and I fly alone Saturday...and it's no quick flight(s) either. Ugh...and yes, I have the Tylenol ready.