Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Orange Beach

First of all, Grace was WONDERFUL for the whole trip. I was really worried most about the car ride down and back, but the Lord blessed her with lots of baby patience. On the way down, we stayed with our friends Erin and Patrick in Bham, and that was a blast. The next morning we drove the rest of the way and we barely heard a peep from her... and she wasn't asleep! Of course, she finally fell asleep literally 15 minutes before we got to the condo. She watched her dvd's and was happy as a clam! What did we do when we were kids? I mean, we made at least a 12 hour drive once per year with NO TV in the car???? I am at a loss...

The car ride back was only a slight bit more stressful, Grace was antsy and we were not really able to break up the trip very much. We stopped at Walmart once so she could run around the store and get some new books, stickers and another dvd. The dvd was mainly because Chris and I thought we'd blow our ears off if we had to listen to Wonder Pets or Elmo one more time. She only really broke down about 10 minutes from our house, so to me, that's a major victory!

The Burton's rented a condo on Orange Beach for a few days and invited all of us crazy people. It was a good time. Grace loved the pool, hated the sand and the ocean, but loved the cushy beach chairs covered by a huge umbrellas about 20 feet away from the sea. She slept like a champ, naps and all and really was in a great mood most of the time!

We went to the Wharf several nights and they had a very large ferriss wheel in the middle of some shops and restaurants. I commented as we drove up... that thing is HUGE. So Grace thought that 'huge' was the name of the object she was looking at. When it got dark, she called it the 'flashing huge.' Pretty funny. Two of her favorite comments were "No ride huge" and "Huge scare me." We had a huge balcony that stretched all most all the way around our condo, and apparently running naked around it was the coolest thing ever. I mean, I didn't try it, but the kid sure loved it.

Spending most every day alternating between lounging on the beach (in cushy chairs of course) and swimming in the pool is a pretty good row to hoe if you ask me. All in all the trip was relaxing and a great time. Thanks Burton's!

Here are a few pictures I'll try to post more later:

This was about 2 hours after we got home, she passed out on the floor.

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