Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Burton Update

Most of you know that I am in L&D right now... I thought I'd post an update on what happened and what's going on now.

Chris and I came into triage on Sunday night (my birthday...lovely)... after my contractions at dinner were 3-5 min apart...After about 2 hours in triage I had dilated 3 cm...so I was in labor...

We checked in and I was given a steroid shot for the baby's lungs and hooked up to magnesium...aka "THE DEVIL DRUG." I thought I was dying... I was convulsing, sweating, I felt like by body was on fire from the inside out and your eyeballs kind of feel like they are swollen and crossed... it's awesome...This slowed the contractions, and I was hooked up for around 24 hours...

Last night I was given another shot of steroids for the baby's lungs...They did an ultrasound this morning and estimate that the baby weighs around 4 pounds 4 ounces...I am still in L&D because the contractions haven't really stopped, but hopefully will be moved to antepartum (sp) sometime today... and I will probably go home tomorrow.

The most awesome news is that I will be on bed rest for around 2-3 weeks... (KIDDING, PEOPLE!)..... This to me is similar to being put in jail... I mean, first of all... lest we not forget, my firstborn who has many needs that can't be met by sitting on my hiney in bed...And the fact that I can't physically stay in my house for more than half a day without having to go somewhere...or do something.... I am kind of ADHD for those of you who don't know...

Praise the Lord that I have great friends and family that are willing, ready and able to help and I know things will work out...but THIS. IS. GOING. TO. BE. REALLY. HARD.!

I'll update later if I can!


Wright Family said...

My dad told me about your news and shared your blog address with me. I have been praying for you all week. I have been in your exact position and it is scary, discouraging and frustrating. God brings you to my mind many times a day and I pray for you each time. If you need any help with Grace, I would also love to help you. We are in Spring Hill, so probably not too far from you. PLEASE know that I would love to do anything you need...grocery shopping, bring you movies, lunch, ANYTHING!! I really mean it. Our # is 931-486-0933 or my e-mail is rebekahwright1@bellsouth.net
Praying for your sweet baby, and for you, Chris and Grace during this time.
rebekah (anderson) wright

Chelle said...

IT could be worse, it could always be worse. A friend of mine was on bed rest for over TWO MONTHS! Good grief, that would be miserable. And, just tell yourself, "this is for the health of the baby, this is for the baby," and maybe it won't be so bad.

I'll bring Zoe over and she can growl for you, it's hyseterical and she's a pro.

Jennifer Wheeler said...


You'll make it! Know that you're in our prayers and that we know a God who always takes care of us!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

I think after all your years of loyal patronage I could probably talk the Goodwill into either making a house call or at the very least clearing some room in the Franklin store to accommodate your bed! And if it does come to bed rest I will personally see to it that you have every TV show, movie, commercial and interview that Taye Diggs has ever done on dvd!

Alfreda Harris said...


I will continue to pray for you all. I'm believing God for a healthy baby and momma. I know God will see you all through this. I can't wait to hear your testimony.

Love ya,
Alfreda Harris