Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My dad, the supehero

Today we went to the zoo with some friends, it was a blast... but I'll get to that in a minute. I've got to tell a funny story about Grace... imagine that.

She and I stopped off at a thrift store on our way, as we were waiting in the check out line, I saw that they had some Predators schedules sitting on the counter. I picked one up and said:
"Grace, look! What's this?"
She took the schedule out of my hand and with a deep breath and her chest all poked out, she looked at the clerk and proudly said:

The clerk thought that she meant that her daddy played for the team and said... "Oh, he plays for the Predators! Is he good?"

Grace responded before I could open my mouth to clarify...
"YEA, he's REALLY good. He's REALLY, REALLY good at Pred-ers..."

As my friend Katie reminded me later as I recounted the story to her: It begins early with girls... the mentality that THEIR daddy is the best and coolest and is REALLY good at everything. It was so cute to see her so proud as she told the clerk that HER daddy did that!

Anyways, back to the zoo.... This is officially the greatest place at the zoo for toddlers. This outdoor 'room' padded everywhere, and perfect for jumping and of course playing ring around the rosey!

I LOVE the pure joy on grace's face as she is about to fall down.

And of course, very fascinating to kids who are potty training... watching the elephant go pee-pee. To which, Corbin responded afterward..."Hey mom, now does he get a sucker?" The kid's a thinker....

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