Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not much news...

Not much new news today... that's why I added a few pictures. I have been moved out of Labor and Delivery into the High Risk Antepartum unit... They took another ultrasound this morning and we haven't really heard anything new yet.
They did measure the baby's growth again today and today she measured 4 oz bigger than yesterday, so now 4 pounds 8 ounces... Maybe Jesus gave her some mana from heaven because Lord knows I wasn't allowed to eat anything....
I don't know if I mentioned this in the previous entry, but they also think that one of her feet, the right, I think may be slightly in-turned...similar to Grace's... (but much more mild). We aren't really worried about that, especially since Grace came out looking like some kind of amphibious creature and she is fine now...The heart is the bigger issue for us... But no news on that front yet.
I am not sure how much longer I will be here....Surely I'll get to go home tomorrow, but we'll see. If we hear anything from the doctor, we'll let you know. Just continue to pray for healing and God's guidance as to what the doctor's should do...

Grace is doing well, she is hanging out with Izze and Papa right now, she goes to school tomorrow... She has been over here every day at some point and is totally obsessed with going up to see the babies in the nursery with the 'tiny diapers.' If she's here at the hospital for 2 hours, she's got to go up there at least's cute. Today they let her ride on my lap in a wheel chair to see them. I think yesterday or the day before, she got to see a baby just wheeled in from birth getting his first bath... she was thrilled. Of course she thought it was so funny that he was "nakee."

We'll update with any new news!
Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie
Sorry you're still off your feet, I know you like to be on them as much as possible. If I could I would bring Polar Express and the big screen up to the hospital but we will wait here until you can all come and watch it. I'll make lots of food and we'll turn the sound up really loud.
We are praying and trusting God to do His good and perfect will in your lives. Wee little baby Burton is in His good hands, and so are you.
Love and hugs

Courtney said...

You and sweet baby girl are in our prayers.