Friday, March 27, 2009

3 months

Today is Harper's 3 month birthday! Well, if I am particularly honest, I THINK it's 3 months today... 99% sure. Any-hoo... here are some pictures and her 3rd month in review: This month Harps took her first trip to the beach, Sanibel with Izze and Papa... she was a dream the whole time! She is 'talking' and cooing more and more every day. She is very smiley and has given us a few 'giggles' here and there, which is so adorable.
A good sleeper is an understatement. She is the model baby, sleeps 7 hours at night, wakes up and eats, then sleeps 3 or 4 more... before waking up to start her day. She definitely fits in with all the lovers of sleep in this family!

She cries if she's hungry or has a pain, but is overall very content and happy. (how many times can I say that). This week she has been doing really well going down in her bed for a nap at the same time as Grace does... This is wonderful, because I get a small window of time that is baby-free! I am just amazed when I look at her sometimes, she is just so good! If all babies were like her, I think I may have 20 more (Ok...maybe 2 or 3 more at least...).

Her breathing issues seem to have cleared up. She's no longer turning blue, or pausing her breathing to eat... she did just grow out of it! Yea! She still spits up quite a bit, but the reflux doesn't seem to bother her. She's a "happy spitter!"

One of her trade-marks is that she loves to snuggle. If you put her on your shoulder, she just buries her face in and snuggles it all around.

Here are a few pictures of her with her elephant. I've included one below of her at 12 days so you can see how much she's grown. I don't have her actual 'stats' because we haven't been to the doctor recently... we go again at 4 months. She's fitting into her 0-3 month clothes now, and newborn diapers are a perfect fit... (unless you don't strap them on tight enough, and then poop just runs out the side... yes, this was my morning... ) I am going to use up what we have of the NB diapers and then go to size 1... again, they hold more... and that's a plus!

Harper with the elephant at 12 days old!

PS: See that adorable burp cloth in the background with Harper's name on it? Well, I am dying to know who gave it to me?! If anyone has any clues, please leave a comment or email me... I know it was someone at CPA, but I would love to write you a thank you note! I absolutely love them (it came with another one, equally adorable!!)


Chelle said...

She is so cute!

Play date next week?

Shannon said...

I am glad you have had a good week! Harper is a dream! And I LOVE that burp cloth, too! Would love to know where to get one when you find out!