Monday, July 6, 2009

4th and 5th festivities

We had a fun 4th this year! Our day started at the Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville. We met a good friend from college who we hadn't seen in a while, which is always fun. Grace enjoyed the free watermelon and the park, Harper went into a heat coma, and we caught up with some good friends. I did bring my camera, but unfortunately, the battery was dead so I couldn't capture any of the festival.
After naps, we ate out and caught the Franklin fireworks on the way home. Last year Grace was absolutely petrified by the noise of the fireworks, so this year we watched from a mile away, in the car.

Here, she was still a little nervous about the sound, but it wasn't too long before she really enjoyed the 'farkles' (sparkles).
Soon she was so happy! Harper, not so much... but Grace was happy.

Isn't this a sweet picture of Harps? I love the drool drop on her chin, and the look on her face is just so innocent and sweet.
On the 5th of July we had a cookout at the Burton's house. It was pouring rain, and Grace decided that it would be fun to run around and scream like a banshee, so that's what she did!
And then she got so wet that we had to lose the clothes. Overall it was a great weekend.

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