Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garage Sale Power Hour

I saw 5:30am this morning... on purpose. I fed Harper, had some coffee, ate some hearty oats, planned my route and I was on my way. I decided to shop mainly in Brentwood today. The first 5 sales I went to were complete duds. Nothing to speak of.... Boo, I was sad. There were 2 that I planned to stop at on the way home, but they didn't open till 8am. I stopped at an unadvertised sale on the way to my last 2, and came across this awesome slip cover for our chair... unopened, in the package for ONE DOLLAR!
I was pretty happy about this find. Next sale, I came across a family with another Nemo fan, so I got Grace some Nemo 'go fish' cards with all the characters on them and a tiny baby nemo for 25 cents. She was thrilled.
Last sale of the day and look what I found: A cute potting table for the girls AND....

THIS!!! The crazy awesome deal of the day! Those of you from the area know what I am talking about when I say that this piece was originally bought at PD's in Franklin. I drool over their stuff every time I go in, but can't afford any of it! This is a HUGE piece, 70 in wide and 5o inches tall. I guess it would have been sold originally for anywhere from $700-$1200. I paid $150 for both this AND the pink potting table! This will be perfect for all my fabric and sewing stuff, which is currently housed in Tupperware containers in the laundry room. SO HAPPY!
Oh, and see the old bird cage on top? Scored that at the goodwill outlet for less than $2~ Cool, huh? I am currently thrilled with myself.

Also, this was a big day for Grace Ann too! I took her to her first garage sale and she got to spend her 'moneys.' (After I got home with the big furniture though...)

We went to 2 church sales. She picked out a 'shaky shaky' bracelet (one with tiny purple bells, 2 barrettes, a toy for Borbin, a toy for Harper and a couple little toys for herself! I was so proud that she bought things for a friend and her sister without being prompted! So sweet! She spent a whole dollar. I think she liked it. I told her that I wanted her to become a garage sale diva like mama. She replied "OOOOO-kay..."


Bri said...

so jealous! that big piece is awesome!

sweet&spicequeen said...

that's awesome, jamie! everything you make looks so awesome! when we buy a house and before that i want to start being thrifty and creative like you! hope all is well! i cannot wait to be in nashville next week!

Raechel said...

I love PDs! I never buy anything there, but finding a PDs piece at a yard sale has to be some kind of happy miracle! I love it!

Christine said...

I am not familiar with PD's but I absolutely love that piece of furniture! I clicked to your blog from the Finding My Feet garage sale post. Thanks for sharing your great find!