Saturday, July 4, 2009

Harper is half-a-year!

I can't believe it. Harper is half a year old. Where does time go? She is really coming into her own these days. She's started babbling a few consonant sounds... blah, blah, blah, da da da, ma ma ma and ba ba are the few that she says regularly. Grace has a translation for each thing Harper says. Sometimes it leads to a 'fight' between them: For example: "Mom, Harper said that I like pink... but I don't like pink, I like purple" and that conversation continues on and on until Grace is mad and annoyed with Harper. Grace translated this to Chris last night: "Daddy, Harper is saying that she doesn't like you right now and she wants Mommy." It's really amusing, but gets old quick when she won't stop arguing back and forth with herself.

Harps wants desperately to move. She rolls, and has even scooted on her back a couple of times... she's becoming more stable in the sitting position. She still isn't that much a fan of baby food, vegetables, especially. She shudders and gags continuously when a bit is placed on her tongue. I have resorted to burying the veggies under a bite of fruit and she'll usually tolerate it. She can reach for toys, transfers them from hand to hand, puts them in her mouth and works to get a toy that's out of reach.

Here are her stats: 16 pounds (around 50th percentile) 27 inches long (above 75th percentile)

Still a very charming and snugly baby; most of the time she is laid back, easy and in a good mood. I still think Grace is her favorite person (besides me at feeding time) and it's so adorable to see them interact.

Oh, and I am almost certain she will be a 'hand talker.' This is a trait that runs in the grandmother (JoJo) and I both talk with our hands. Funny to notice little things like that.

Here's little Harps in all her glory!

I've got several more cute pictures to post, but they are on mom's camera, so I'll have to do that later! Happy 4th!

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