Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Here!

Well, Folks, it's here... tomorrow is the open house at Over the Moon. Let me tell you what the menu will be... Your mouth will water and you'll want to be there... I promise!

Turkey and Red Pepper Pesto on Focaccia
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese Spread and Crackers
Mini Chocolate Kahlua Cakes
Mini Butter Pecan Cakes
Mini Fruit Tartlets
Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets
Fruit Tea
Egg Nog
Sparkling Water

I got the time wrong earlier... It is going to be from 11am-1pm. The displays and food/drinks will be out until close I think if you can't make it during that time... But the other artist and I will be there during the lunch hours... SO, come on by!

And just because it is cute, here is Grace trying to explain to Harper the ins and outs of all things Tinkerbell. You can tell that Harper is just happy to be included.

Hooray for the Christmas season! Grace exclaimed to me the other night while driving through our neighborhood looking at lights... "MOM, this is berry berry what I always wanted... I LOVE lights and these sparkly trees and the Santa clauses and the Tiggers...." She has definitely realized the wonder of Christmas this year....


Diane Barlow said...

I'll be there and I'm bringing a couple of friends.

Nala said...

Jamie--i asked Annie for your blog...very awesome. I loved all your stuff at over the moon.