Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Price Match Please..."

Grace earned all the money she would need to buy her Tinkerbell Movie! Above is a picture of all the leaves she help me rake in the yard... $1 for each bag. To say that she was eager to do 'chores' is an understatement. She asked me 100 times a day if she could clean my room! This morning, I printed out 2 ads, one from Best Buy and one from Walmart. Best Buy's price was listed at $19.99, Walmart (store) was $19.99, but online it was on sale for $15.86, so I printed out that add. Since Best Buy price matches plus 10%, I showed her how much money she'd have left over if she bought from Best Buy and took in the ad from Walmart (which was her 'coupon.' She is really into coupons these days) or if she bought it at Walmart without the 'coupon'. Well, I am proud to say, she chose wisely and picked Best Buy. I am not sure if it was because she'd have more money left over, or if it was because she got to give a 'coupon,' but whatever it was, it made me happy!

It took about 10 minutes for us to count all her money, give the coupon and get all the price match stuff worked out, but it was a crack up to hear her give the lady the ad and say "price match please!" (Personally, I think the cashier was impressed too! I bed she'd never had a 3 year old price match a DVD before...!)

So, here is the happy girl with her new DVD and money left over. What a smartie she is.

And, so as not to leave out Harper, she turned 10 months old on Nov 2!
She tipps the scales at right under 20 pounds, not sure how tall she is now, and has popped through 4 teeth. She isn't crawling per say, but can find a way to get wherever she wants to go. She says 'Mama' 'Dada' 'All Done' 'UhOh' 'Papa' and has said 'Izze' once or twice.

She loves to stand and is pretty much obsessed with anything Grace does. She gets so excited that her body shakes when we go into Grace's room to wake her up in the mornings. So cute. Grace is pretty fond of her as well. I can't believe that she will be 1 in 8 weeks! It doesn't seem right!


haley said...

teaching a child work ethic and the value of a dollar--priceless!

also, no it does NOT seem right that harper will be 1 shortly.

Katie said...

So would Grace be interested in starting a coupon blog? Because I had no idea a bout the 'price match' plus %10 thing!

Oh and Corb would like to know when they can have a movie viewing date ;)

smallawei said...
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