Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Date

Chris took Grace Ann to her first theater movie yesterday, The Princess and the Frog. Grace had been looking forward to this for days. It had been a rough week with Chris gone every night but one, so every night when I'd put her to bed, she'd say..."Mama, when daddy gets done workin, he will take me to the movie...right???"
She'd told me what she wanted to wear on Monday, of course, the twirliest dress she owns and her new striped sweater. She loved the movie and afterward they got some yogurt from Sweet CeCe's.
Here they are, all ready to go.... and Harper really wanted to get in the picture too:
This is Harper's newest camera face... it's the cheesiest grin in the world and she keeps doing it because we all crack up when we she pulls it out of her repertoire.


Chelle said...

Chris and Grace look so cute for their date! I know she had a blast with her Daddy! And Harper's grin? That's just pure joy my friend!

melissa said...

I was visiting you r blog and Its so cute I remember my first time at the theater lol . Happy holidays to you and your .