Tuesday, December 22, 2009

toot toot!

I am tooting my own horn here, but I am proud of myself... Here is my second attempt ever at a pin tuck dress. This one is for Grace and I am making another one for Harps with opposite colors... I mean, I think I love it. I even think it would be cute with the buttons in the front... Please notice the vintage sparkly button at the top. I love this!

And, here is a close up of the pin tucks, no one really cares about them but me... but they were so much work that I thought they should get their own picture.

I am thinking about making some of these for the store. (if I did, they wouldn't be that cheap because of all the work... but aren't they cute!???)


Kori said...

Excellent! You did a fantastic job. Let me know when you want to do some smocking together. :)

Shannon said...

This dress is gorgeous! You have "mad skills"! ha ha. If we weren't stll [aying for grad school I would pay you lots of $ for one. I am very impressed!

Danny Bryant said...

Great job. I'm definitely impressed! You are so talented.

Rebecca Bryant said...

That was posted by Rebecca Bryant, not Danny!

Leah said...

I hit the good old 'next blog' tab at the top on Blogger and found your blog. I was going to suggest you set up an Etsy.com shop to sell your lovely dresses if you don't already have one. I clicked on Over the Moon, what a fantastic store and concept! And the website is gorgeous!