Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chris, Chris and Kris....

You should have seen her face, it was radiant! You should have heard her voice on the phone when she called to tell us she was engaged... it was lovely. There was an excitement, a softness, and a sparkle all around her last night. Amy is lovely. I am so proud of her and so happy that she has found this incredible man in Chris. He adores her, and it is evident. Smitten is an understatement. I love it, it is so refreshing and encouraging to see them together.

I somehow copied this picture from Ellie's facebook page... I think she took it with her phone... I don't know! (I hope you don't mind!) It is the only picture I have yet. I love it, look at Amy's face. Isn't it priceless!!!???

I am so excited! I will have a new brother named Chris! Yes, so this means that obviously, I married a Chris, my brother married a girl named Kristin... and Amy is marrying another Chris.... Wow, this may get confusing! For some reason, I think it is so funny!

Ames, we are so excited for you and can't wait for you guys to be married! Congratulations!


The Mom said...

Obviously, this picture touched both of our hearts. I love what you wrote. We were both on the same page! Thanks for loving this family so well and this girl! She loves you!

pgwheeler said...

We are so excited for Amy and Chris. I also have a lot of repeat of names in my family.
I have 4 Johns, 2 Carols, 2 Megans and of course lots of Anns as middle names, mine included.
The Lord has truly blessed our families.

Kristin said...

yeah weddings! Was totally excited to be in on the secret. hope that dinner that week was extra special and that night with them was awesome. that picture is adorable!!! yeah love marriage and weddings.

Katie said...

She looks absolutely radiant :) Congratulations!