Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The attack of the seagull

** Sadly, I can't upload any pictures while we are here... I don't have my computer, and the thingy I brought that was supposed to attach to mom's computer for the purpose of downloading pictures isn't working... BUMMER. I'm sad that Chris can't see any pictures of these things while we are here... Oh well... I'll upload when I get home.**

Harper is part fish. When we first got here, she literally ran toward the ocean, and tried with all her might to dive in head first. Keep in mind that she was still in her clothes because we hadn't gotten the key for the place yet. It was hilarious. Seeing this, I think, gave Grace courage. She too, put her feet in and let the water splash on her. Harper walked in the sand with no problem, and Grace would do it also. Harper would pick up a shell, and Grace would do the same. It is funny that the younger one is giving the older one courage. I never expected that to happen. It's been great.

Last year, Grace had a hard time doing anything. She still has sensory issues with her feet and hated the sand. She is scared of pretty much everything, and she doesn't like trying new things... but this year, Harper's willingness to do any and everything has really influenced her.

So, back to the assault. Yesterday we were playing on the beach and Grace was feeding the seagulls some cheerios. All was well, and then the birds got a little too close for comfort and I shooed them away. Meanwhile, Iz was holding Harper who was enjoying a lovely wheat saltine for snack..... UNTIL a darn bird ATTACKED her and took the cracker right out of her hand!!! I am not kidding. Izze quickly covered Harper's face so her eyes would not get pecked out.... and the bird's talons whacked her in the head. Poor baby cried, but was quickly over it. It was actually pretty funny. I am SO glad this didn't happen to Grace, because honey, our beach days would be O.V.E.R.

We got Grace a life jacket (aka "life coat") and I got in the pool with her this afternoon to try it out. She did pretty well. Most of the time she was either clinging to me or the railing near the steps, but hopefully she will gain more confidence in the water with it. (In preparation for swim lessons this summer)

Harper on the other hand can almost swim. She kicks her legs and doggy paddles her arms and heads for the side of the pool. She moves herself along the edges of the pool, hand over hand, hanging onto the edge. She can go under the water and pretty much holds her breath, she LOVES it. NO fear.... which could be kind of scary, but for the moment it is kind of refreshing...a nice change from Grace's temperament. I can't imagine having 2 like Grace; or 2 like Harper, for that matter.

Today it rained a little and we had a cold front, but all should be back in order by tomorrow and the sun should be shining again. All in all, I am really proud of how Grace has done this week. It has been so interesting to see the dynamic between Grace and Harper change... I never thought that the younger would be helping the older one grow in so many ways.

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