Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It rained and it poured

A farm on the other side of Forrest Crossing near the driving range

For some reason blogger has decided to give my photos a home on the left side of the page, rather than the center... so we'll go with it.
So, here are a few pictures of the flood. If you live in Nashville you've been hearing about this for days...but if you live elsewhere, you may not have heard a thing!

Our neighbor's fence, which is now busted up and on the ground. This is when the Harpeth River was still close to being within it's banks....

Praise the Lord for the golf course in front of us, because it was our saving grace. I would be willing to bet that there was water to a depth of at least 15 feet in many parts across the street. The water crept up the hill in front of our house, but never made it to the street. We know several people whose homes were completely destroyed. Nothing left to salvage. I can't imagine the feeling. It breaks my heart even thinking about it. It reminds me that the 'things' we so often trust in could be gone in an instant.

Cart path bridge that is normally 20 or so feet above the water...

There's our mailbox. This is taken from our front porch.

The rain is coming down so hard, the picture looks foggy... those trees are well over 20 ft tall, probably.... And this wasn't where the water crested!

I've heard this so many times in the past 2 days, but I am proud to live in Nashville. People are helping wherever and however they can. There is such a resilient spirit here and it is so obvious.
Here is a picture inside the Bridgestone Arena... (where Chris works)... and thus the reason he has gotten to stay home for 2 extra days... (the girls are in heaven, I am in heaven... it's been nice!) From what we've heard, the water did not rush in here, it came up from the drains... which is even more disgusting...

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