Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I heart knoxville

I heart knoxville, I am sure all of you know that by now.... Although there were a lot more ladies lovin' ladies (if you know what I mean) than I ever remember seeing during the ole college days. I was actually frightened a few times. Anyways, the picture above just makes me laugh....

Dear graffiti artist... Yes, tuition sucks, but you are in college, soak in the glory days while you can... they are over too quickly!

Ahhhh, the annual orange and white impatiens are planted... in the checker board fashion... maybe this will give our football team a boost?? Maybe not.

Of course we visited all our old stomping grounds, drove by my college house, although we didn't have the pleasure of seeing Wang heading to the law building for a bath in the sink...(God forbid he pay for his own water to keep up his hygiene...) but that's a different story.

We had some time with some sweet friends, saw my brother and Kristin, and walked all over the city. All in all, great weekend. Knoxville, thank you for being so glorious!

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