Sunday, May 16, 2010

little swimmer girl

Grace is a little swimmer girl! Here's a rundown of the week:

"Excuse me, you want me to do WHAT??"

Day 1: Grace goes into the water willingly with young, nice teacher. They attempt to go under water and hold breath, get used to blowing bubbles, putting ears and face in the water... She looked terrified, but did whatever the teacher said.

Day 2: New teacher, older lady, swim coach-type, very loving towards Grace. She started 'mermaid dives' today. The entire time Grace was about to bust out some tears... but she kept them in. She still doesn't 'get' the concept that when you go under water you should hold your breath... Grace is smart and ended the lesson early by telling the lady she had to pee. I took her to the bathroom and all hell broke loose... a fit like you could never imagine ensued. When I carried her kicking and screaming from the bathroom, buck-naked under her cover-up, everyone stared... and probably thought I was kidnapping the child. Keep in mind we had to walk to the Burtons from the pool...and she screamed at the top of her lungs the whole time.

Day 3: Grace a little hesitant to get in pool, but she does anyways... Teach starts off with a few mermaid dives (going under water and swimming to the steps, or the side of the pool) and Grace tells the lady she has to pee. She'd already peed 5 minutes before this... so I say: "Grace, you just went to the bathroom, are you sure you have to pee?" Grace responds: "Oh, I mean I have to poop." (Yea right, I am thinking to myself)
We go to the bathroom and she doesn't poop, just sits on the potty and tells me how she doesn't want to do anymore mermaid dives.
I suggest that she talk to her teacher about it rather than lying... so she gets back in the water and starts bawling... She finally tells her teacher that she doesn't want to do anymore, and the teacher kindly complies and they work on other things.
*highlight of day 3, her new Ariel goggles, which she wore proudly.

Day 4: Grace is a different child. No crying, almost no hesitation to do anything. She has finally 'gotten' it and can now hold her breath without sucking in through her nose or mouth when she goes under... She is swimming from the steps to the teacher and back with no problem. She can float on her back, ears in the water and all... completely relaxed in the water. She is jumping off the side of the pool, and going under water on the way in... Totally different child! I was so proud and amazed. Iz texted me and told me she was praying for Grace and God totally answered all her prayers that day! Today Grace started to realize how well she was doing and was a little proud of herself too!

Day 5: These are videos from Day 5, and I really never thought she would come this far in a week! We have 2 more lessons next week, and no telling what she will be doing by mid week.

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I am soooo proud of our little swimmer. she has learned so much and is doing so well. Hugs and Kisses. and the sweet teacher reminds me of Granny - wouldn't she have loved to teach Grace how to swim? I'm sure she is smiling in heaven.

Kori said...

Hooray for Grace! Good job learning how to swim. :)