Thursday, May 1, 2008

PT and Lunch!

Well, today we went to physical therapy, and grace did really well. She loves the therapist, but usually doesn't like her during our sessions. But today we started off with a BANG, she ran up to Sandra and gave her a BIG hug... how sweet.

Anyways, we went to pick up a 2nd pair of special straight-last shoes and these were too small! The first pair, WAY to big and the second pair, WAY to small....what gives?... so we have to order another pair and have them ground down and made especially for her feet. Hopefully we'll have them in a week or so. (once we get them, I'll post pictures, they are cute)

Today we did a lot of video taping. We video grace's feet as she is doing things like squatting, standing, walking, running, walking across soft surfaces etc... The main reason for this is documentation. Sandra wants to see what she is doing before, during and after her special shoes, braces etc... whatever device we happen to be trying. We will see what is working best or if something actually may be detrimental to her gait.

Today she chased bubbles, 'played' connect-4, played with 'lowee' (lotion) and tried out about 5 different pairs of shoes. All in all, it was a great therapy session.

Grace is doing very well, her right foot still slightly turns inward basically just at the forefoot, not at the ankle. Her ankles seem to be stronger and they don't collapse hardly at all anymore, which is great. Hopefully the straight-last shoes will be just enough support to keep her foot from turning in.
(basically straight-last shoes don't have a left nor right)

After therapy we returned a couple of things and then met Izzy for lunch. What fun. Panera is always a good choice in my opinion, but Grace LOVES the black bean soup and 'dips' (baked lays). We sat outside under a 'brella' and enjoyed the nice spring day! We had the most fun, and it was very relaxing! It's amazing what a simple lunch with mom can do for your heart. Thanks Izze!

Grace is now sleeping soundly and I am enjoying the weather and some peace and quiet. Delicious!

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