Sunday, May 18, 2008

A scene from a movie

Nothing fantastic to share here, but something happened to me today that's never really happened to me before. I truly lived out a scene from a movie. Ok, picture this, the character has had a really bad day, or week, or month.... he/she decides to go out for a leisurely walk.....well, let me just tell the story...

Chris and Grace Ann are asleep upstairs... I decide to go for a walk to clear my head...It's the perfect temperature, and a little breezy...sunny..... very nice. About 5 minutes into the walk some clouds started to form... but not all around... just above my head. I am not kidding AT ALL! So the clouds got thicker and a little wider than my actual body, but mind you, there was crystal clear blue sky on either side of the street I was walking on... NO KIDDING.
The rain starts to fall....I think nothing of it because there is so much blue sky around me... but it falls harder, and harder... and literally the clouds extend all the way down the street that I am walking on, but on either side of me, clear as a bell. I decide to turn a corner and get off my regular route to get out of the rain... guess what? It followed me...It poured on me for the entire walk... my shoes are squirting water every time I step and I am dripping, mascara running all down my face. The golfers who are enjoying a round literally less than 300 yards away from me are in the bright sun. This is the epitome of my last few days.... Just thought it was funny... well, not really, but blog worthy none the less.
Haven't you seen this in a movie before...? I know I have.


Chelle said...

No really, that IS funny! Hope the skies above have cleared :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Sense and Sensibility was the first to come to mind...then of course the song, "Why does it always rain on me?" and then that scene from Notting Hill when he walks through the market as the weather changes...but that might have been my mind just taking a Hugh Grant detour...any way, sorry about the rain Charlie Brown!