Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What exactly is the meaning of Non-Toxic and Washable?

What exactly is the meaning of Non-Toxic and Washable??????
.....This is it...right?.....

What do the Burton girls do when it's rainy and dreary outside?

Nope, this wasn't an accident. We were coloring with markers, when I really got the urge to let Grace color all over herself.... Now I know, I know, I will probably pay for this later.... But I just thought it would be fun! And it was! This is one of those things I can remember from my childhood that I really wanted to do, but mom wasn't to keen on it. I can specifically remember thinking that when I had kids I would totally let them color on themselves if they wanted to.... So I guess I was just keeping a promise to myself... right?

So what do we have to do after all this tattooing? Of course, get a bath and splash water all over the whole bathroom! Chris would totally not approve, probably of all the activities that took place this morning... but hey, he's not at home with a toddler 24-7...!


Chelle said...

Don't know about your mom or husband, but I TOTALLY approve!!! :)

emily patridge said...

i love it! you're such a cool mom.