Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A hard thing...

Well, this new thing is turning into a hard thing! I guess I am realizing how much time and effort goes into etsy. I was chatting in some etsy forums this morning and wowza... these people are serious.!!

Here are some tips I heard (read) from today:
-post new items every single day, at different times each day
-re arrange your items several times a day to stay at the top of the feed
-blog and link around the blog-o-sphere so that you will become well known
-basically pay a professional photog. to take pictures for you
-marketing, marketing, marketing...
-create interesting blogs like tutorials with professional pictures none the less
-spend money to make money
-consider paying for advertising
-buy lots of things on etsy so you can get good feedback

I mean the list goes on and on... So, when do I actually get to sew and create things and do what I love to do? I don't know.....but supposedly to be successful on etsy you've got to do a lot of side work to get things going... it's apparently tough in the beginning, but it gets better once the wheel is turning.

So, while I try to figure out my strategy and marketing and all kinds of crap that makes my stomach hurt... tell people that I make really cute clothes!!!

OK, that's all... just a little rant. Thanks for listening....

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Nala said...

hey, good to see you at Amy's wedding!

i can definitely help with the photography--lets do a swap. :) good ol' bartering.

also, was there something i said i was going to email you? i can't remember.