Tuesday, August 17, 2010

random thoughts

It was a great day up until tonight, I had not one, but TWO children who were throwing a royal hissy in the church nursery as I was trying to get plugged in with the women's ministry.

Awesome. So, I tried to bring both girls into the meeting with me, but Harper proceeded to SCREAM (the blood curdling, she must be dying kind) at the top of her lungs and I had to take her out twice, finally she calmed down, but after a few minutes, I was still asked to leave (SO EMBARRASSING) because they were being too disruptive.

Chris was in the men's meeting, so I could not leave when we were kicked out. They ran the halls for an hour and a half and I sat against the wall trying not to cry or throw a hissy myself.

I have totally dropped the ball on the etsy thing right now. Since last week was wedding week, I totally wasn't thinking about it. (Because who really wants to think about anything but a wedding on wedding week, right?) So, I am trying to refocus and see what I can do here.... if anything. That was probably the WRONG time to open the shop, but what am I going to do now...??? We'll see. I'm not totally worried about it which is probably good and bad. Good in the since that it's not consuming my thoughts, but bad in the sense that my motivation to work on it has waned (is that the right spelling?).

Thankfully I have a sweet new friend who is going to help me with photography. I am going to try to get the button on my blog but for now, check out Nala Photography!
She is really creative and talented and has one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

I am just slightly done with motherhood right now... so I am zoning out in front of the last episode of Project Runway, and Chris put the kids to bed. I love this show.

It rained today and we had a great playdate with some friends, so those were 2 good points. We'll end on a good note!

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The Mom said...

Do not get discouraged. You are very talented. You also have two girls who have had an equally busy week and were away from you guys a lot with all of the wedding commotion. Harp is also 18 months...enough said about that. Give yourself a break and time to recharge your batteries. If you do Etsy, you should ENJOY it...not dread it. If the dread overtakes the joy, then shelve it for a while and just spend time with the creative process. The Lord might not be saying no, just not yet.