Friday, October 8, 2010

Clemson and other October happenings

Clemson...Oct 2, 2010
Pre-game practice.
This was taken about t-minus 3 hours before the virus from hell took over my body. I think this was taken right after I told Chris that we had to go because I just knew I was about to blow chunks. I look pretty

Forcing the biggest smile possible so that maybe, just maybe I could talk my stomach out of revolting. Didn't work.
This was taken Friday, right after we got there... I was feeling pretty good at this point! Woo hoo! I promise, Grace was there too...but all the pictures with her in them were taken with Chris' blackberry.

All in all, I was so glad we went to SC. We had such a nice visit with the most gracious hosts ever. They even kept the kids for us all morning Saturday so Chris and I could go experience game day alone! It was awesome. I hope everyone has a couple in their lives like Dave and Judy Woodard: God-fearing, hilarious, kind, and oh so wise. We love them.

Other October happenings.... PUMPKINS and glitter, of course.
We've painted and glittered pumpkins twice in 3 days. Easy, cheap and fun activity for the kiddos...that will possibly keep them entertained for more than 15 minutes! (For Harper, that is a record.)

Pumpkin tip! If you are glittering pumpkins... and why would you not... BE SURE and spray them with a generous coating of acrylic spray after the paint is dry. This keeps most, if not all of the glitter on the pumpkin!

Our other October activity: Playing in the sprinkler and water table. It's still pretty warm in our neck of the woods- and it's yet another activity that keeps Harper entertained for more than the blink of an eye.

Also, shipped box #2 to NYC yesterday! I am still in awe that I have this opportunity. Thank you Lord!

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Kori said...

I grew 2 adorable little pumpkins- I think some glitter is just the thing they need! Thanks for the idea.