Sunday, October 3, 2010

TMI Warning:

Let's just say I warned you.

There are only 2 times in my life when I've felt like i was on death's doorstep. One was when I went into preterm labor with Harper and was hooked up to Magnesuim Sulfate (??) for what seemed like eternity... and the other.... last night.

Driving home from Clemson, at the height of a stomach virus. In the car. 6 hours. 100 Ingle's bags. Not pretty. You know when you feel SO BAD that all you can possibly utter is "Oh," and with the last round of puking, you are sure you've already tasted death. Yup. That was me.

I was trying to hold it together all day, to no avail. How embarrassing to come down with the vomit virus at someone else's house whom you haven't seen in a while and are toting your 2 kids along!!!

Well.... let's just say that the hubs really stepped it up. After my 3rd round of puking and some other unmentionable their house, he decided that it would be best if we just loaded up in the car and drove home just in case one of the kids, or worse, he may come down with what I had that night....

I took some more Phenergan and walked slowly to the car. Within 10 minutes I had already filled a bag and was seriously miserable, body aching, head hurting and stomach in knots. I was watching the clock and praising the Lord for every minute we were closer to our house.

All the while Chris was driving, patting my head as I was puking into a bag and making sure the kids were OK in the back. Keep in mind that this is the same husband who is as afraid of puke as let's say a venom filled cobra about to strike.

We made it back to Nashville in about 5 hours.... and everyone was tucked soundly in their beds... Me, still miserable, but thankful to be home.

As we speak (or type) Grace is holding a bucket because she feels like she could puke, Chris is in bed and has already taken Phenergan, and Harper is running around looking at us all like "what the heck is wrong with you guys and why aren't you playing with me???"

This could be a long night. OH, and I left my phone charger in Clemson, so if you try to call and get no answer... My phone is probably dead!

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Chelle said...

OH friend, so so sad. Hope you are on the mend quickly!