Friday, October 15, 2010

Picnic in the park

This was the perfect fall day. So, we took a picnic to the park. I am running out of ideas and today was no exception. They get bored too easily and staying at home all day turns into a whine fest.....and that makes me want a wine fest... I'm just sayin'...

Just to prove that Harper was actually there.... this is about all of her I could get into a picture. She is on the move. She was doing things like


This... and was much too busy to stand still for a picture. Can I just interject here, that the entire time Harper was scaling this plastic cargo net thing, Grace was right beside her saying "Harps, be careful... I DO NOT think this is a good really might fall...Harper this is really not good..." Needless to say, Harper just blew her off and kept right on climbing and sliding head first down the tallest slide. Wow, our future with these two could be interesting.


pgwheeler said...

Sounds like Grace has the mothering instinct. I laugh everytime I read what you post. Harper is adorable.
Give them a kiss for me.

Linda said...

way too cute, I can just hear Grace now!