Friday, January 2, 2009

Harper Jane is here!

I am not able to get any pictures off the camera for some reason... so I'll have to figure that out tomorrow... But Harper is here! After about 10 minutes of pushing, she made her debut... 6 pounds 8 oz and 21 inches long. Just about 2 pounds smaller than Grace!

Her heart sounds good right now, she has not been in distress and the Pediatricians had already made their rounds by the time she was born, so she wasn't seen today. The NICU took her o2 stats and they were good, so they didn't see a need to keep her there. The Ped will check her over tomorrow morning and then decide whether to call Cardio. I would almost prefer if they did just to check the size of her heart on the outside. All along, her heart has been working fine, but I would rather them check to see if it is enlarged or abnormal at all. We'll see. She has been having some choking spells where she will choke and throw up some redish brown stuff. The nursery said that was fairly normal with such a fast delivery.... she didn't have time enough in the birth canal to squeeze out all the fluid. She just had another episode and they have taken her back to the nursery to make sure she didn't asperate any fluid into her lungs.

All seems well now. Thank you for your prayers! The delivery was fast and fairly easy. The only glitch was that my epidural didn't work as well on my right side and I thought I would die with the pain... Luckily about 10 min or so before she was born, they came in and gave me a big dose of something that took care of that pain. I swear, after that experience, I don't know how anyone gives birth without pain meds....and I was only hurting on one side!

I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow and update after the Ped. sees her. Oh, and another praise is that her feet look fine. They do not look clubbed at all.

Thank you for all your prayers!


courtney said...

Congrats, Jamie!!! Praying for all tests and checks to be totally normal. My second came out fast like that and threw up that reddish brown stuff for the first 24 hrs. It scared us, but, she was totally fine. It just took a full day to get all that amniotic fluid out. Hope you get some rest!!

Courtney (Nelms) Ashburn

Chelle said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures of the little doll.