Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update on Cardio

I was able to get this picture off my phone.. this was just after she was born... so she's a little swollen...but I need someone a little more computer savvy than I am to figure out the new card thing...Maybe my dad can do it today!

Anyways, the Ped came in today and said he thought she looked great. He did recommend seeing a Cardiologist next week...but didn't want to do any further tests in the hospital because if there are any holes in her heart of valves, a lot of times they will close in the first few days after birth on their own... so he just wanted to wait a few days so anything that may correct on it's own will do so before we check! So that's good news... Her feet still look good. She has thrown up each time after she's eaten....but I don't know how much weight she's lost yet.

I am feeling good except for a horrible head cold and cough... and coughing is not something you really want to do a lot of after giving birth... Ouch... I am just going to try and sleep as much as possible today while we have nurses to look after the baby! (Can't you tell she's not a firstborn!)

Love yall!


Chelle said...

Oh, little sweet pea! She's precious! Yes yes, enjoy those nurses who will care for the baby while you rest. That was a good thing when our girl was born, very good thing indeed!

fatoreo2008 said...

Jamie, Harper looks so beautiful! I am so glad she is finally OUT! Praise the Lord that her feet look normal and I will continue to pray about her heart!