Monday, May 18, 2009

Are you ACTUALLY serious?

An exact quotation from Grace this morning when I told her I wanted to take her picture: "Are you At-ssshhhhh-uuullllllly serious?"

I think Harper would have most likely given me the same quote had she been able to talk... This, after her 3rd attempt at cereal in 2 weeks.... "Mom, are you actually serious?"

Needless to say, Harper isn't thrilled on the idea of solid food. So we'll wait and try again in a week or so. By the time that Grace was 15 weeks old (I know, it's a little early) she was gobbling down the stuff. Harper is now 17 or 18 weeks old and would prefer NOT to have anything to do with it. Oh, in other Harper news, she has found her feet, and is rather fond of them.

This week, Grace has decided that Izze made the sun. She gets rather upset when we tell her that no, in fact, GOD made the sun.... In response to this conversation today this is what she said: "I know GOD made flowers and trees and Harper and lights...but Izze DID fly'd up and made. the. sun."

So, there's nothing really exciting going on around the blog has been rather dry for the past few days.... Oh well. We are going to visit the CPA golf tournament this afternoon and Grace couldn't be more thrilled. She wants to bring her clubs. I don't know how I'm going to keep her off the course. We'll see.

Well, toodles for now...

Oh, I'll leave you with this: Not a very good picture, but it shows you Grace's new fondness for "accessorizing." Loves the headbands and bracelets. She picked out her dress, shoes and of course the accessories, and was so proud.

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