Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4 Months

Harper is 4 months old! We went for her check up yesterday and here are her stats: (as if you all care...!!!) Weight: 13 pounds 10 oz (50th percentile) Height: 25 inches (75th percentile). She had her shots, and did pretty well with them. Only a little fever later in the day.
This month she has really gotten a little personality. She loves to 'talk' and Grace loves to translate. One of her favorite places to talk is the car. (Which is Grace's fav also... my ears don't get a break!) She laughs and smiles all the time. She is very cautious with 'strangers' and sizes them up before she will leak a little smile. She shows her emotion on her face, and has many 'looks' (kind of like me).

She's almost mastered rolling over from back to tummy (which usually doesn't come first) and is working on the tummy to back thing. Although she hates tummy time, she just fusses and pushes the floor with her legs and 'swims' her arms instead of whipping her head over, which usually flips them. She actually gets some forward movement sometimes.... does that count as crawling...? (I think not.) She kind of resembles a baby sea turtle with the way her legs and arms go...

We are going to try to start some cereal here in the next day or two... Yay! Something she can eat that I do not physically produce! Grace will be thrilled, as she has been looking forward to the day where she can help feed Harps with a spoon.

Here are a couple of pictures at 4 months old.

I need to take a picture with her pink elephant. But today she is hanging out with the Izz, so I'll have to do it tonight or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

In that first one I thought she looked so much like Grace...but then in the second one she looks so much like her daddy! Whoever she looks like, that Harps is such a cutie pie.

Rebecca Bryant said...

I can't believe she's 4 months old! She is so cute and sweet.