Wednesday, May 27, 2009

planting flowers part deux

Planting flowers part deux: I think my first post ever, or maybe the second was about planting flowers! Funny.

Let me briefly explain my hesitation with planting flowers: I am responsible for keeping them alive. At this point in my life, I don't want anything else that is leaning on me for it's very existence.... 2 is plenty, thanks. That is precisely why we gave our cats to my parents! :) Which, by the way, I don't feel bad about anymore because we came home to this monstrosity of a blow-up pool complete with a slide, sprinkler system and who knows what else.... on our back porch. But that's another story...

Anyways, in a brief moment of weakness, I let Grace pick out 6 six-packs of flowers. I figured we could plant them in these pretty cobalt planters and stick them in the front flower bed. I am not sure why planting them in something other than the ground eases my anxiety a little, but it does. Maybe it's because if I choose a crappy location (which is usually the case), and they don't get enough sun or whatever, I can just pick up the blasted containers and move them elsewhere.... less pressure, I guess.

Other than a few minor meltdowns, Grace planted like a champ. You see, this one is a little bit sensitive, and when some miracle grow potting mix tainted her precious, beloved green crocs with the newly placed 'farkly' suns in them, the planting almost came to a halt. After they were thoroughly cleaned, without water, I might add...because she doesn't like it when they get wet... we were back on track.

Here is the finished product.... Pretty, huh...? Now if I can just get rid of this nervous twitch, I'd be fine...

Harps chilled in this little baby cage.... um, I mean, baby walker.... while we worked. She rather enjoyed watching Grace's drama unfold, I think.

Now this picture just begs for the caption: "Like Father, Like Daughter" doesn't it. Hangin' in the bed, remote within reach, lovie in hand.....NO, sorry, Chris doesn't have a lovie, I swear...

Chris, Harper and I went to Atlanta this past weekend for some shoppin' and relaxin'. I must say that I finally feel like a big girl because I am pleased to announce that we have MATCHING furniture in our bedroom now! Yes, that's right, folks, no more college dorm furniture for us! I am so happy about it. We scored 2 awesome dressers at IKEA for thousands less than their almost-identical counterparts at Pottery Barn... I love them. Our bed, dressers and side tables all match, it's so refreshing!

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