Thursday, February 19, 2009

"C is for Wanna-dile"

"Excuse me... I have WHAT?"

First of all, I've got another ailing baby. Harper was diagnosed with RSV today and she's so sick. Poor thing is having more trouble breathing and she's coughing until she just gives up and collapses on my shoulder. Since often times RSV in babies can cause apnea, we have to keep a special watch just to make sure she doesn't stop breathing. I just can't believe she's gotten something else.

My prayer request would be that this sickness would pass quickly and that she wouldn't have to be hospitalized in the midst of it. The doctor told us that it would probably get worse before it get's better.

On another note.... Grace said the funniest thing yesterday in the car. She's obsessed with letters these days and wants to know what everything starts with... On the way home from school she was eating some letter crackers and found a "C". She yelled out: "Mama! C is for wanna-dile!"

I died laughing and asked her if she meant 'crocodile.' She paused and said: "Yeaaaa, I forgot what it called...that sounds better: Crocodile. "


Jennifer Wheeler said...

For a sick baby she is still oh-so-adorable! Love the new pics and I will definitely be covering that cuteness with prayer.

Chelle said...

Poor little girl...and poor Mommy! Love you all, and hope Harps starts getting better very soon! praying for you!!!!

Shayna said...

So sorry about baby Harper. We'll be praying for y'all. That is too cute about "wanna-dile". Oh, and I love the nursery by the know i'm in love with the tree bedding and the bird cage over the crib..ahh-mazing. you are so creative!

Anonymous said...

That girl is just too smart! Can you please ask her to start working with her buddy Corb on his letters because as of right now he is SOOOO not interested. I've been praying for the Harpster all day and night(its around midnight right now so just know that even in the wee hours your wee girl is covered in prayer) Lots of Love!