Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy "Balen-times" Day Yall!

Gracie has a little Valentine who doesn't get nearly enough face-time on my blog... so this post is all about him!

You see, he is a very special little friend, Grace calls him her "bestest friend." His name is Corbin, but Grace calls him 'Borbin.' She is learning her alphabet right now and says that "B" is for Corbin, and "C" is for Borbin... Go figure.... anyways, Corbin had planned the nicest, sweetest day for his little Valentine... (no kidding, ask his mama!... this was his idea!)

We went over to his house this morning with some salt-dough creations that Grace and I had made last night so that we all could paint them. But when we got there, Corbin had to give Grace her valentine present first. He'd made her the sweetest card, along with a picture of the two of them in a picture frame that he had picked out all by himself at Target. (it's adorable, by the way) But that's not all... Out of the fridge comes this BIG beautiful heart-shaped cake with 'sparkles' all over it. (that's sprinkles in Gracie-speak)

Here are some pictures of their day... or date, excues me...
Let me just say that the two of them are hilarious together....We do not encourage or instigate any of what they do or say... they just have this little 'thing' together. They have inside jokes that will make them die with laughter and no one else gets it... they talk to eachother like little grown-ups, they have lover's quarrles, they give eachother confidence in situations where alone, they would be timid. They have eachother's backs no matter what, and they just click, they just 'get' one another. It is really endearing.... just so adorable and funny to watch.

Making the salt-dough hearts

The picture frame Corbin picked out for Grace, she is so proud!
Painting the Valentine crafts!
The cake Corbin made for Grace....and another kiss...

And little Bennie and the Harps have a budding relationship...It is cute how he responds to her.


Chelle said...

Already layin' one on her like that? Boy better slow his roll!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

I love your description of their relationship, its dead on! I am so thankful that Corbin has her, everyone should have a Gracie in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Wait, why is my 3 year old grandson's Valentine date more romantic than mine? He needs to talk to his Papa.

haley said...

very cute...i agree with the other comment that their valentine was more romantic than mine...jealous

vergne said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad that they had a special day together. =) The girls rooms are going to look great, by the way.