Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Much Better!

Harper is feeling much better as you can see. She is almost back to her old self, smiling and cooing...and dare I say it... sleeping! Last night, she did sleep from 10pm to 4am and then from about 5:30am or so till 9am with a little encouragement from me and the passy.
I feel like I am catching up on some sleep. Still feel like I could snooze for about 3 days, but I am not about to lose my marbles like I was Monday afternoon. Praise the Lord!

Forgive me, all you residents, or spouses, significant others, and parents of residents... I am sure all are not like I described in the post below, and one must remember that I was devoid of sleep for an ungodly number of hours when I wrote it. (This, however doesn't mean that I take back what I wrote:)

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Bri said...

Great news! Yeah!