Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, POOP....

So what does the title have to do with the actual post? Well, nothing except I felt it may be inappropriate to use a curse word in the title of a blog post, so I opted for the word POOP.
Forget all the happy, good attitude posts I've published in the last month or so. Today's will not be happy, optimistic, and may not even be in good taste. For that, forgive me in advance. I just need to vent.

First, can I just tell you how my day started...? I had about 5 minutes before Harper woke up screaming and hungry and about 10 before Grace would want to get out of her bed, so I go down to get my daily bowl of cereal. All is well, I pour a mixture of Multigrain Cheerios and Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Squares and head back to eat it in bed. As I am crawling into bed, some unknown force comes and knocks the bowl right out of my hand. The BIG bowl of cereal and milk spill ALL OVER my bed. (just for reference: our cereal bowls can hold roughly 4.5 cups of cereal and milk easily) I will confess, lots of expletives flew from my mouth. So I scraped the cereal back into the bowl, stripped the bed (for the 50th time in a month) and had to throw away my eggshell matress (for I did not want to sleep on sour milk). Then to top it all off, I didn't want to waste all that cereal, so I just ate it.... moistened with the spilled milk... yum, doesn't that sound wonderful!

Anyway, back to the sickness story...

I've briefly mentioned how everyone in the whole family has been sick, but have I really let you know how sick we've been? IF not, you'll find out here, mainly because I am sick and tired of it and it is pissing me off to no end right now.

Let's begin the story way back at the end of December. (Notice that it's now FEBRUARY) I was still pregnant and about to have this lovely baby named Harper. I was sick. Sore throat, stuffy nose, sinus crud, you name it. I was sick. My poor mother was also sick, but faithfully took care of Grace for days on end, was at my side for the birth and took care of us for the 2 weeks after Harper was born also. Saint, I know.

About the time we came home from the hospital, Grace had come down with the crud. Coughing, fever, etc. and I had still not gotten over it. Let's give ourselves a week or so, and BOOM...Puke bug infested our house. I got it, Grace got it and Chris got it the worst of anyone. Then, yes, my poor mom got it too.

As soon as we were all over this, Harper starts hacking and coughing like a smoker, and is running a fever of around 100 for several days. I take her into the doctor, and praise the Lord she doesn't have RSV. But whatever she has is still sticking around. Oh, I forgot to mention that she has thrush and a yeast infection...Keep in mind... I am still sick. Never gotten over whatever I had.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I pick Grace up from school and am greeted by rosy red cheeks that looked like they've been slapped several hundred times. YUP... Fifth's Disease. Can you freaking believe it?

So as of today, Harper is still hacking, her nose is stuffed up, she's got thrush, a yeast infection, and is still spitting up all the time...Grace has Fifth's Disease, I have the crud and basically the only one of us that is well is Chris... and he's gone all day (and night) and can't take care of his sick girls.

I was debating whether to document the gory details of each sickness, but I thought I'd spare you the mental picture. It wasn't pretty.

So now that I am done venting, we need prayer! Obviously, the doctors cant do jack for us and we can't help ourselves. We need healing, and maybe some warm weather! At this point, I am at my wits end, so I am praying that the Lord would rid our house of sickness and protect us from getting anything else.

As for my mental sanity, pray for that too. I've been doing pretty darn well on very little sleep with sickness infesting my body, but I can feel myself coming toward a breaking point. Most days I can just go with the flow, but I feel I could snap at any minute, and I am praying that that will only happen when I am in the shower, or alone somewhere, so I don't have to subject my family to it! Hopefully I can go workout this afternoon when Chris get's home and burn some aggression off!

PS. What does Jamie do when all this is going on in her house? Put Harper in the swing, Grace at the table with Play-Dough and get on my hands and knees and scour every cabinet and baseboard in the kitchen. Don't really know why I felt it necessary to do that, but it was kind of therapeutic.


Chelle said...

How many cans of lysol you want me to bring over????

Anonymous said...

You are doing an incredible job handling all of the hard stuff that you have been faced with over the last few months and I know that God is going to get you through this - with an absurdly clean kitchen I might add ;)