Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Girl Update

Grace is officially in her big girl bed! I am finishing up the room, so more pictures to come...but she is doing so well! Here are a few pictures of her in her 'big girl' dress... it's got Tad the seahorse on it from Nemo, of course... courtesy of Izze. She picked this up for her on the way home from the beach, and it is adorable. Grace loves it.
Surprisingly, she had relatively no qualms about giving her beloved baby bed to Harper. I thought this may be a big deal, but Chris got her a set of tools and she 'helped' her take apart the crib and move it into Harper's room, and then they put together her new bed frame. The moment her new bed was finished, she wanted to sit in it and read books, she didn't want to come down from her room to hang with us. She slept great that night, and for all her naps since! I am so proud!

Now, to tackle the potty training... She is so stubborn and strong willed that she won't do anything I want her to do...No amount of bribery has worked, she doesn't even want candy corn, m&m's, or new toys! I've resorted to telling her that it's cool to pee your pants and that having poop in all your crevices is awesome, and that I'd rather her not use the potty.... Reverse psychology... we'll see if that works... It will probably come back to bite me in the tail.... but I am not sure what else to do. Maybe we'll just let the issue die for a month or so and then revisit it later.

I'll give you a wink!


haley said...

love the jamie-phrased reverse psychology.i'm laughing! glad the big girl bed has gone well.

vergne said...

I love the pictures of Grace in her new dress! I'm glad that she likes her new bed. Potty training was stressful for me too with Sophie but she'll get it.